Quotes from "Axis Powers: Hetalia"

Russia said:

Accept me for what I am today, don't reject me because of what I was yesterday.

Quotes were invented in Korea, you know!

America said:

Check it out yo, how kick ass is my new fighter plane of doom!? Dude, it blowin your mind yet or what?

France said:

*To Russia* You were such a cute country when you were born and now your all grown up...

As long as I'm with you, I get fed and nobody picks on me! I like being here!

Prussia said:

Look at my soldiers and their mean faces! I taught them that face!

England said:

No surprise...the meeting ended once again without any resolution. Blast all. I really do wish there was someone around here who I didn't always fight with. ... Flying Mint Bunny! Did you come to try to cheer me up, huh? ...This is great! All my magical friends at the same time! But let's have no murders go around, okay? I'm serious guys! Hey, no fair chewing on my sleeve, Uni! I'm too ticklish, so stop the snuggling! You're naughty, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell's not big enough. Take that big, goofy, kissy face back to your little leprechaun friends, since they're the only ones who care! Kidding! Seriously, you're all nutburgers! What am I to do with you?

Austria said:

I shall now express my utter disgust and anger with you through the piano.

Poland said:

Stop being such a bitch, Sweden!

Poland said:

Risking my life for European politics would make me grassy!

I'm the tomato box fairy!

Russia said:

I want to see confused and troubled Lithuania to come crying to me.

Listen to this! I woke up earlier than Germany for once!

England said:

Oh I hate terrorists, they're so ugly.

Germany said:

Dear diary. Today, Italy was attacked by England and France while I was out. *cut to England hitting Italy on the head*

America said:

The unicorn was real! Of course YOU couldn't see it, because you're not PURE. But I saw it and it was cute with a soft fluffy mane...

These are broken, so Korea didn't make them.

England said:

*drunk* Damnit! You sure talk big, when I'm the one who made you a man!

England said:

I could never think of this kind of (retarded) design. It really is (retardedly) you America.