Quotes by "Aozaki Touko"

The human psyche goes out of whack so easily with minor elements, such as wall colors and staircase placement. Those who use them every day would be affected more dramatically.

A rose will be born a rose. Different soil and water wouldn't change it into a different flower.

There are three conditions to terrify someone: One, the monster can't speak. Two, the monster has to be unidentifiable. Three, it's meaningless if the monster can die.

There are two ways to escape: escape without a purpose, and escape with a purpose. I call the former "floating", and the latter "flight". You are the only one that decides which of the two your view of the world from on high was. But you don't choose these paths because of the weight on your soul. We don't choose the path we take because of the sins we carry. But we carry our sins on the path we choose.

It's a mistake to choose your path based upon the sins that you carry. We don't choose our path based on the sins that we carry, but we must bear our sins on the path we choose.

People do not cease to exist immediately after dying, as long as there are people who remember them.

It's a rule that I've had in my life. Kill anyone who calls me "Dirty Red".

In a business like this, there are times when you need to change as the situation demands. I switch my personality depending on how I view things.

A writer once said that "a designer knows he has achieved perfection not when he has nothing left to add, but when he has nothing left to take away".

When something dies or is lost, that thing doesn't truly disappear, as long as someone remembers it. And that remembering it is to acknowledge its existence, and because of that, it can sometimes be seen again.

The words “fly” and “fall” are tied together. But the more you're hooked to flying, the more you forget about that fact. As a result, you end up trying to reach the skies even after you die. Not falling to the ground, but falling toward the sky.

Vision is not what your eyes see, but an image that your brain comprehends.

What does a view from a high place remind you of? The impulse you feel when you look down at the world you live in. A violent cognition that attacks you even if you refuse it. An emotion created by an overlooking view - That's "far". The scenery you see from a high place is magnificent. Even an ordinary landscape looks beautiful. But a vision that's too large creates a boundary between you and the world. It's more correct for you to recognize the large world you see as the world you live in rather than as the small space around you. But you can't feel that you're living in this big world no matter how hard you try.Your reasoning, represented by your knowledge, and your experience, respresented by your realization, will crash against each other. And eventually, you will lose yourself and confusion will begin. And then you will fall. Vision is not what your eyes see, but an image that your brain comprehends. Our vision is protected by our common sense. Humans cannot live outside their box... under normal circumstances.