Quotes from "Aoharu x Kikanjuu"

"... Although this won't happen instantly, as long as you have the thought, you will have a chance. Because at the moment you want to change, you have already taken the first step to changing."

Why are you acting like you're the only one hurting when you pushed him away?

They are two types of people. Those who let go and those who are let go. How many times have I watched people leave up until now? I may have been able to reach them if I'd reached out, but I was afraid of being pushed away, so I simply watched them disappear into the distance.

I never thought about winning making me cool, or losing making me uncool. But you're right. If anything... Giving up before you even try is kind of uncool. That's why I want to be someone who'll fight as many times as it takes, and never give up. That's got to be way more cooler.

I may not be able to beat you, even if we play a hundred more games. But if I have a chance of beating you the 101st time, I'll challenge you again and again.