Quotes by "Alphonse Elric"

You're not a good-for-nothing person. I think that being able to try your hardest to be something is a talent by itself.

Dedication is a talent all on its own.

In order to obtain something, there must be something of equal value. It is the Law of Conservation in Alchemy. Back then, we believed that it was the truth of the world. However, the real world isn’t perfect, so there is not just a single law that governs everything that happens within it. It is the same for the Law of Conservation in Alchemy. Even so, I believe that people cannot obtain something without paying a price. The pain we felt was surely enough of a price to pay. And anyone who pays the price known as hard work surely gains something. The Law of Conservation is not the law governing this world. Until the day I meet with him again, that is the promise… Ni-san and I made.

This body comes with many inconveniences. But inconveniences don't make me miserable! There is no reason for you to pity me! My life was put back together with alchemy by my brother. If I deny myself, that would mean I'm denying my brother, along with alchemy. I believe in the potential that alchemy holds. I want to believe in it!

On the day we left, we burned down the family home and all the familiar things inside. Because some memories aren't meant to leave traces.

No fair, sky. I'm the one who feels like crying.

Some memories... aren't meant to leave traces.

I don't know if we chose the right path, brother. But I do know this: I don't want to be in this suit anymore. I want to feel things again. It's strange. We've been right beside each other all this time. But I can't remember what your skin feels like, or how you smell.

Those people had us dancing right in the palms of their hands, didn't they? I guess it doesn't matter what we do. We'll never be the ones in control.

Dad left... A long time ago, when brother and I were still boys. Mom stared off into the distance a lot. But she carried on as if nothing were wrong.

It's true, I don't have a body, but I'm here. This is my punishment for setting foot on holy ground where mortals are forbidden. We made a mistake, Rose, and we're paying for it.

I sunk again. *after sinking in the desert*

The Philosopher's Stone: those who possess it, no longer bound by the laws of equivalent exchange in alchemy, can gain without sacrifice...create without equal exchange. We searched for it... and we found it.

Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth.

Oh this is perfect! Now my arm's fallen off too! Today is a terrible day!