Quotes by "Alois Trancy"

I have a dream at last. The butterfly trapped in spiderweb has no wings. That butterfly is... me.

Once drowned in the depths of darkness, you lose sight of light. When that light has dispersed there is no return. My light has died out long ago and so there's nothing back for me to go back, or look forward to I shall continue to indulge myself in this darkness until it completely consumes me, then I will be nothing but an empty course left on this cold & cruel world to rot.

Everyone, everything is happy!

*to Ciel* Oh, so we were not going to the restroom together?

*to Luka* They should all die! All of them! Everything, annihilated!

My heart was entwined in a spider web. You'll always be my Highness. I wanted your love.

How does my blood smell? Do you want to devour me now?

*to Claude* Then show me those eyes. Not the eyes of those villagers who looked as if they'd seen a pile of vomit. Not the old man's greedy, inflamed eyes. That day, those eyes. Those eyes that longed only for me, Claude.

*to Claude* You are...you yourself are...My Highness!

Hannah, don't you think a sunny-side-up egg is pitiable? Its shell is broken and it's forced to publicly show an indecorous appearance. Then it becomes an eyeball, internal organs, or a plume. And I rob it of any and all possibilities.

I want you, Ciel Phantomhive. That's all there is to it.

Hoheo taralna, rondero tarel!