Quotes by "Akihiko Usami"

When you love someone, I think it's only natural to worry about what they love.

When you fight hard and fail, the regret is easier to get past than the regret of not trying.

I would be nothing without you.

Even if you hate it or whatever, I'll never let go of you. If you run away, I'll probably come after you and lock you up.

I don't want the precious time we have together to be taken away by anyone!

To be able to stay beside a beloved one is the special privilege of a friend.

The moment you challenged me, you had already lost.

I am not a person who only wants to receive things from him, I want to be the person who can give things to him.

I have a lot of different words desperately trying to get my message across. However, you, were able to pass on what you wanted to say with just a few of them.

Why you ask? That's the stupidest question I've ever heard. The answer is obvious. Because I want to! *to Misaki Takahashi*

To everything that comes near you, I am jealous.