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Hotaru, do you think the day will come that I'll lose it (the ability to see spirits) as well? A one-sided visit and troublesome days...is that freedom? or...At that time, a small firefly (Hotaru) passed by and whispered something to me. But I could not understand the words of a bug. Farewell, Hotaru. I wonder if that person understood...just that person.

We probably are. I can't explain it very well, but it seems that lately it doesn't matter, human or spirit. If your hearts touch, it's the same thing. When you're all alone, you get lonely, and the first step is always scary.

Masahiro said:

Little man! Don't talk small , and say your goal is to become like me. You should become a master of your own game.

People who’ve had lots of failures talk about those failures as if to imply that if they have another life, they’ll be a big success. After facing all that hardship, they think they won’t mess up again. But they’re all - me included, of course - making a fundamental mistake. Failures know a lot about failure, sure. But knowing failure is completely different from knowing success. Fixing your mistakes doesn’t mean success takes their place - you’ve just got a point to start at, is all. That’s something failures don’t understand.

"If you close down the way to your own path, it will always open up. That's why this isn't a song of ending. It is a new encounter. A song of beginning."

I really do like you. You pissed me off, so I considered giving up for a minute, but I'd never lie about my feelings. So I won't quit. Even if you don't believe me now, I'll keep saying it until you do! I'll keep trying! This isn't over!

Better to ask and be a fool once than never to ask and be a fool forever.

Makarov said:

There is great value in the time spent in ones own company, but a life time of total isolation is a fate no one should endure.

I won't be defeated because I know how awful it feels to lose after doing my very best!

Guts said:

If you're alone... if it's just your life, you can use it however you please/ Wear yourself out, get cut to ribbons, doesn't matter. But when there's two, the blade grows heavy. Fighting like death doesn't concern you becomes a thing of the past. It's no longer just you. I threw away my way of life, relied on the strength of others, and somehow pushed on.

Every phenomenon that happens in the human world is caused by people for their own convenience.

Nao Tomori said:

The scars that you can't see are the hardest to heal.

You can run from your past all you want, but it will always follow you. Forever and ever and ever and ever.

Having too many bonds causes one to lose focus, weakening their strongest wish, their greatest desire.

The moment people come to know love, they run the risk of carrying hate.

There are times like that music can convey more than words.

Trying to improve by learning from others that is what calls friendship.

Freedom is something that you need to actively acquire. It's not something that's given with no strings attached. To be free means to take responsibility, and to prepare yourself for what's to come.

All people are nothing but tools. It doesn't matter how it's done. It doesn't matter what needs to be sacrificed. In this world, winning is everything. As long as I win in the end...That's all that matters.

Evil expects evil from others.