One Punch Man, Garou
If you weren't here, I would have become the world's absolute evil. Unbiased terror scattered throughout the world that can establish real peace. Don't think that all children are waiting for heroes. There are even kids around the world waiting for a great monster to take the stage. Can you save them? Can you follow the ugly kid being picked on in the park? I can. I can save the whole world with terror! While humanity is fearing Garou the Monster, everyone's hearts will unite to survive. Is there any peace other than this? Can you create peace? Can you, unbiased, save the world with that flimsy cape? Do you have the means to stop the unseen tragedies? You're strong... but so what? You may defeat me, but can you handle it? The responsibility. Well? If you're going to defeat me then answer the question! What will you accomplish? Why will you kill me now? Do you have a sense of duty like mine? Why are YOU a hero!?

- Garou
(One Punch Man)

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