William Macbeth, Kekkai Sensen
Me? A liar? That's almost hurtful. I just don't feel like telling the whole truth.

- William Macbeth
(Kekkai Sensen)
From episode 9, time 1411.

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[-]Cregath7 years ago

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I do this a lot too. I don't really understand why people call me a liar sometimes when I'm just too lazy or for whatever reason don't want to tell the whole thing. Like when, let's say that you took some cookies, but didn't eat it yet and someone asks you if you ate it. You tell them that you didn't and when they figure out that you just took them and put it elsewhere you are called a liar. The answer actually told what the other one wanted to know. They wanted to know if you ate it and not if you took it. They just didn't think enough before asking, so why am I a liar then? I just don't understand this. If someone does the same with me, then I just laugh at their craftiness and maybe even make a remark and that's it, because I know that I failed at asking. I find this stupid...
[-]misaka56217 years ago

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