Hachiman Hikigaya, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
It is better to be hated for what you are. Than to be loved for what you are not.

- Hachiman Hikigaya
(Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru)

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[-]NirvanaFrk976 years ago

NirvanaFrk97's Avatar
Wait a minute, wait a minute. Hikigaya has never said that and that "quote" is basically a paraphrased version of Kurt Cobain's
"I'd rather be hated for what I am
Than to be loved for what I'm not"
[-]Tsurugi6 years ago

Tsurugi's Avatar
I think it is, but not sure though. But you know, Hikigaya's saying or quotes are taken from famous people saying. So I think it Hikigaya really said that.
[-]Ishimaru7 years ago

Ishimaru's Avatar
In an ideal society I would agree with this. Where people won't smash your face in for who you are. But in this society, I really doubt that being who you are is always the smartest option. And we all know that. We all wear a mask when we go to a job interview or we meet a new person or we go in front of a lot of people. We're almost never who we are. Because we wouldn't be able to make it in this world if we were. I'm sure a lot of bums on the street are honest to who they are. Cause they don't have anybody to impress. But even they will put on a mask when someone dangles a stick with a carrot in front of them.
[-]Cregath7 years ago

Cregath's Avatar
Hmm... it's something that I follow to the letter.
[-]niknaks7 years ago

niknaks's Avatar
from what episode?
[-]Tsurugi7 years ago

Tsurugi's Avatar
I forgot, Hikigaya got too many sayings i can't memorize all of them xD
[-]Samu7 years ago

Samu's Avatar
You sure it was said in the anime?
[-]Kathy7 years ago

Kathy's Avatar
Shush Samu xDD
[-]Tsurugi7 years ago

Tsurugi's Avatar
[-]Tsurugi7 years ago

Tsurugi's Avatar
How do I edit this one? It should be "hated". My bad
[-]Kathy7 years ago

Kathy's Avatar
It is hated xD
[-]Tsurugi7 years ago

Tsurugi's Avatar
Your a mod?
[-]Kathy7 years ago

Kathy's Avatar
Maybe I am, maybe not
who knows
[+]Tsurugi7 years ago