Akiyama Shinichi, Uzuragushi, Wings, Fanart, Solo, Tattoo, Pixiv, Liar Game, Pink Hair, Armband, Faux Wings, Ring, Chain, Cross Necklace, Gold Eyes, Male, Shirtless (male), Cigarette, Cross, Face Up, Jewelry, Mouth Hold, Necklace, Short Hair, Smoking
Now, you’ve only got two different options to choose from: Prove that everything I just said was bullshit, or admit your guilt.

- Akiyama Shinichi
(Liar Game)

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[-]dougieD5 years ago

dougieD's Avatar
what is the title of this anime ? cant find that anime
[-]Tigrex225 years ago

Tigrex22's Avatar
From what I know, there is only a manga.
[-]CrimsonNight5 years ago

CrimsonNight's Avatar
It's a manga, you won't find an anime adaptation of it anywhere. But you can see the live actions under the same title.