Mello, Male, Solo, Black Outfit, Blonde Hair, Death Note
Oh, I almost forgot. In the event that anyone besides big-headed Near or the deluded murderer is reading these notes, then I should at least perform the basic courtesy of introducing myself, here at the end of the prologue. I am your narrator, your navigator, your storyteller. For anyone else but those two, my identity may be of no interest, but I am the old world's runner-up, the best dresser that died like a dog, Mihael Keehl. I once called myself Mello and was addressed by that name, but that was a long time ago.

- Mello
(Death Note)
From chapter How to use it, page 11.

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[-]Rinex5 years ago

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Hmm, can i know from where you borrowed this? I dont think i remember him saying something similar.
[-]Tigrex225 years ago

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Death Note Another Note.