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Watching TV or playing games alone is more fun. Playing along with your friends' hobbies... Laughing at their jokes when they're not funny... All that does is tire me out.

- Yuzuru Otonashi
(Angel Beats!)

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[-]Nakashima_Ken7 years ago

Nakashima_Ken's Avatar
sometimes, I feel like this towards people who like to play it fake.
[-]Nicollynee7 years ago

Nicollynee's Avatar
I know, right? That's why I rarely socialize.
[-]Nakashima_Ken7 years ago

Nakashima_Ken's Avatar
so I'm not alone, after all. ^_^ but, it's not that I rarely socialise either. I just socialise when it doesn't tire me out. or at least when I'm up for it and think that it's not all that much trouble.