Dong Taebin, Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything
Just because you look a little better, everyone comes running at you screaming and pretending to be friendly... Just because you look a little worse, everyone ignores you and uses you as a plaything or a slave... Isn't life so unfair?

- Dong Taebin
(Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything)

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[-]humen2005 years ago

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Im gonna hv to do a speech next monday, on looks are unimportant, its whats inside that counts. I wonder if i should use this quote in some way. This quotes pretty much true as it can be
[-]Nicollynee5 years ago

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Why not? You can start off or end off with this quote since it really relates to life well. In my opinion. People nowadays go for looks or $$$, you rarely see one that goes for personality