Masumi Seki, Oyasumi Punpun, Manga, Black And White
With such nice weather, I start thinking about useless things much more than usual. Humans are free. Although we can’t fly through the skies all alone, if we can think it, we can do almost anything. We can sleep when we’re sleepy. We are free to start or stop anything whenever we wish. Of course, it is a bit hindered by common sense, moralities, and the rules of society. Walking nude out in the streets, stealing from the elderly, and even killing, we can do all of this as long as we throw out our morals. Which is why they drill these laws in our head when we are children. And yet, people still continue to fight, deceive, and steal from each other. And so, people suffer because they live. Even now, there are events of happiness and unhappiness going on all over the world. …What can we do to make everyone happy? Of course that’s impossible for me to know. If the answer to that could be found in the shallow wisdoms of a kid, wars would have stopped long ago. But I also dislike just leaving that problem up to society or the government. After all, a great person is just one who follows the popular will of the people. In this world, the essence of a frank honest human is just an idealization. I’m sure that there’s nothing that can make everyone happy. Happiness is relative, and that’s how people want it. Evil is also relative. Mothers can become demons when they do anything to protect their child. Yet it’s usually seen as admirable. But when a person does anything for the country he loves, wars break out. Isn't it all the same thing? No matter how much a person pretends to be good and kind, he will still have negative aspects. But nobody really tries to notice that fact. Why is that? They all try to place the blame on others, and never even consider the possibility that they themselves may have played part in the problem. Just what the heck am I thinking? The world isn't going to change no matter what I think. Then what should I be doing? I don’t really want to do anything. I don’t want to order nor trouble anyone. That’s just laziness, I guess. I don’t go to school nor do I work and I've been wasting my time away since noon. Look at me, talking about the freedom of humans when I’m just some suspicious punk in this town. In conclusion, I have nothing.

- Masumi Seki
(Oyasumi Punpun)
From chapter 52, page 1-5.

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[-]Dikshya1 month ago

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I love this one
[-]Dikshya1 month ago

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This lines are best
[-]Adil5 years ago

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Right in the feels
[-]DarkFire10006 years ago

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Dang this isn't a quote this is a speech
[-]Patidieheld6 years ago

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One of the best manga of all time
[-]Ishimaru6 years ago

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Woah, that's an awesome quote! I wish it was longer xD
[-]Nicollynee6 years ago

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[-]Rinex6 years ago

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Hahaha, maybe the best quote out here.
[-]Samu6 years ago

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But it is too goddamn long! ant nobody got time fo dat!
page 1-5! wut xD
[-]Rinex6 years ago

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One quote does not simply take 5 pages xD