Akatsuki no Yona, Ik-su
There is strength in words... Sometimes, they become words of power. I thought that if I said I'm fine, then I really would be fine. But it's no use... It doesn't work.

- Ik-su
(Akatsuki no Yona)

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[-]monserratmoreno5 years ago

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Curse it why did this have to be so presice at a time like this
[-]Ishimaru5 years ago

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If only it were that easy. Affirmations rarely work. To be fine, you have to work at it. I think when it comes to the strength of words, to most of us, there is much more impact if someone else tells us that we can do it. Self-encouragement only works if you believe in yourself, and if you do - you probably don't need any to begin with.
[-]Love5 years ago

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I believe in myself, Ishimaru! :'D