Yuuji Kazami, Grisaia no Kajitsu, Grisaia no Meikyuu, Grisaia no Rakuen, The Fruit of Grisaia
This is something my master used to say. "Kids who are too obedient and never think of themselves are the hardest to watch."

- Yuuji Kazami
(Grisaia no Kajitsu)

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[-]Heartnet7 years ago

Heartnet's Avatar
It seemed exceptionally boring in the first episode....
[-]Heartnet7 years ago

Heartnet's Avatar
yay... watching this one, after reading so many quotes from this anime
[-]Nicollynee7 years ago

Nicollynee's Avatar
Well, It's worth the watch, at least for me xD
[-]Heartnet7 years ago

Heartnet's Avatar
Let's see... Will try to finish the first episode, at least.