Alucard, Hellsing, Red Eyes
No, you’re the maggot underneath the garbage! Look at you! That cheap outfit isn’t even fit for a carnival. What do you think you’re doing? Wearing a priest outfit, you don’t even know the meaning of shame. That’s what makes you trash! You’re a narrow-minded king… who creates a host of ghouls to keep as slaves. You’re a coward incapable of acting on your own. Even Hell wouldn’t accept you! Your instant vampires are cockroaches! Multiplying everywhere before you know it. I can’t stand your kind… half-ass vampire without the slightest bit of self-respect! You don’t even know what you are! By the way… I have my reasons for serving humans. But of course, it’s not a story for trash like you.

- Alucard
From episode 1, time .

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