Sword Art Online, Kazuto Kirigaya
Real pain is the result of losing someone you care about.

- Kazuto Kirigaya
(Sword Art Online)

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[-]Tigrex227 years ago

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Well... I saw this and I couldn't abstain myself on exposing my personal opinion.
"Real pain is the result of losing someone you care about."
Why do people chain themselves to other people? Why do they care about others?
It's because they love them? If so, then... what's love? Love for a person is like admiration. You can admire the person or the ideas/ideals of that person. You can admire his/her actions or the ideas. If that person is gone for whatever reason, the actions won't come anymore but the ideas remain. So then... why is it a pain losing someone? I never understood that myself. Emotions just flow not allowing reason to come in action. If reason would come in action you would realize that it holds no importance whatsoever. Suffering from a thing you can never change is the true example of the lack of reason. If you cannot change something no matter how much you tried, then why suffer? The real pain is realizing that nothing matters. "Crying won't bring the dead back to life.". Suffering won't do anything to you, the only thing you can do is continue living. The lose of somebody "important" shouldn't affect you even a little. The only thing you can really do is smile and give birth to actions expressed by that person's ideals(if they were good). The only thing that suffering does is occupying your time and fill your mind with nonsense. Release yourself of this nonsense and become something. You can remember them but why should you cry over parts of life? If you cry, you should cry it all. I don't think that his/her life was that horrible was it? Existence in itself is a blessing that nothing can compensate for.

A'ight. That's my opinion, hope you like it. Peace!!
[-]kenchi477 years ago

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[-]Alfred7 years ago

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Thats true
[-]deleted7 years ago

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Yes. Very..