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People who say they don't know their own feelings are deluding themselves. It's because you refuse to accept what you're thinking deep down in your heart, you think you don't understand.

- Kenji Yamaguchi
(Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun)

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[-]Tsurugi5 years ago

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Ayy Avalon is backk, so is Ishiiii
[-]AvalonReject4 years ago

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I live
[-]AvalonReject8 years ago

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To think the quote I submitted would remind me of good days
[-]Ishimaru5 years ago

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What were the good days, Avalon?
[-]AvalonReject5 years ago

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don't ruin it
[-]Ishimaru5 years ago

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Haha. Wakata!