Naruto, Tobi
Not one wish ever gets granted in this world.

- Tobi
From episode 342, time 17:50.

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[-]Jerricho4 years ago

Jerricho's Avatar
Maybe Tobi was trying to say that his one important wish was to stay and lived with Rin and the second was to become a hokage, but since Rin died, all of his wishes become crushed even the hokage part. Because he loved her so much and want her to see he's become a hokage like he promised
[-]trentoric2478 years ago

trentoric247's Avatar
true so true
[-]lalo8 years ago

lalo's Avatar
well the part of happiness Earth has is when the one person that is a person actually does all he does for kindest towards but is still a badass
[-]ameera8 years ago

ameera's Avatar
Not all but some wishes get granted.
[-]Ikamato8 years ago

Ikamato's Avatar
But ... But ... I once wished for a Cola and I got it D:
[-]keialmaden458 years ago

keialmaden45's Avatar
'Everyone wants some magical solution for their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic."
[-]Gaia7 years ago

Gaia's Avatar
The creation of the world is already magic