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The worst part about being strong is that no one ever asks if you're ok.

- Accelerator
(Toaru Majutsu no Index)

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[-]Love5 years ago

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Greetings, peeps!~ We've confirmed this quote was, in fact, never said by Accelerator. However we've decided not to delete it from the database for the sake of those users who have collected it. Thanks. :)
[-]sisarose5 years ago

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the ugly truth *^* x$
[-]eternal6 years ago

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[-]thatgreencat6 years ago

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Hey wait! When did he said this? Accelerator never said this in the anime, not even in the light novels.
[-]shira9526 years ago

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in my case, as long as i smile, no one cares about how i really felt inside
[-]hunhanl6 years ago

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i think everyone not enough with their strength.
[-]Degorel6 years ago

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Yes it's true. When you are strong everyone think that u can surpass everythink without problems. But it's not true. You are just strong enought to take this problems alone and don't rely on anybody else help. But sometimes you are waiting for a human who would ask you "are you ok?" but there are no one around.
[-]deleted5 years ago

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[-]Nilraios2316 years ago

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Is it true ?