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I'm not stupid. I'm just too lazy to show how smart I am.

- Oreki Houtarou

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[-]painhurts267 years ago

painhurts26's Avatar
ME . :)
[-]animer20177 years ago

animer2017's Avatar
Definitely me! c:
[-]icedrone247 years ago

icedrone24's Avatar
this is me :3
[-]deleted8 years ago

deleted's Avatar
So true.....
[-]ppalma8 years ago

ppalma's Avatar
Finally ! I have the nr1 quote here on less-real ! Give me a cookie !
[-]Hikky8 years ago

Hikky's Avatar
Hm, I think Houtarou won't realize he is lazy like this. Btw, good quote
[-]ppalma8 years ago

ppalma's Avatar
Yes he did! Rewatch the anime and you will see.
[-]Hikky8 years ago

Hikky's Avatar
Which episode?

I've rewatched 3 times :'(
[-]guillaumec8 years ago

guillaumec's Avatar
From now on this is my life quote :D. There is no better way to discripe myself ^^.

I am absolutly going to watch this serie!!
[-]Zoro002508 years ago

Zoro00250's Avatar
I wish I was like him...