Denpa Kyoushi, Kagami Junichirou
Don't think that by abiding the rules you'll automatically be useful to society. Rules are not there for us, they are there for the "person who made it" and the "reality" and "future", which are bound by these lies. They are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Which is why, if there is a future that you want, fight for it! Fight for it and pin down your own "reality".

- Kagami Junichirou
(Denpa Kyoushi)
From chapter 2, page 31-32.

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[-]AmericanWolf3216 years ago

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that quote is true
[-]Tigrex226 years ago

Tigrex22's Avatar
Abiding the rules won't make you useful for society indeed. But not abiding them? Not abiding them would make the society hunt you, and they will take away your freedom even if you don't want them to. There is no living out of society because you will not be allowed by those who believe themselves to be important. But then, let's hypothetically talk about a society without rules, because if no one respects them because they were oh so moved by this quote then what would that be...
Would you be happy in a world without rules? Think a bit. Some rules are not useful and very stupid of course and have no relevance to logic, but just a few are the basis which keeps the beasts we call humans in control. Without those oh so hated rules, humanity would unchain itself and be free. But not the freedom you'd expect, for this freedom would be the very definition of darkness. Would you like to wake up every day with the fear that you might get killed? This is not an utopia to have all humans happy and together... No no no... This is everybody for himself. When a human that is not bound by rules wants something, he will take it. I've seen so many examples, though little ones. What would happen if this would go on a large scale I do not know. My guess is that other rules will be set, because a society without rules is not a society. So, that's why rules were created in my opinion, not so they can limit your potential, because you wouldn't even have that potential if rules were not there. But what am I talking about... let it be.
[-]Tigrex226 years ago

Tigrex22's Avatar
There are some who need it, but give it to the ordinary human and you'll just create a monster. Not all are worthy of seeing the truth. I may be harsh or such but not all deserve the truth. Most of them are good just staying in their ignorance, don't disturb their inner peace. But at the end of the day, you'll all do as you please, for you are free. A freedom of choice is not always the good one, but then what is good and what is bad. Heh... Sukini shinasai.
[-]alexthetrex6 years ago

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Yeah rereading.. takes on meaning to each and everyone one of us. Conditioned no more; this anime wording is to be our credo. \(ˆ-ˆ)/
[-]Ishimaru8 years ago

Ishimaru's Avatar
Almost made me shed a tear. These words are very true. Time to THINK FOR YOURSELF.
[-]CycloneCaster8 years ago

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Me too, first time i read that quote, it make me shivering. After that i rereading it again and again. >-<