Hachiman Hikigaya, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
I hate nice girls. Just exchanging greetings with them will get them on your mind. Start texting each other, and your heart will be set a flutter. If they call you, you're done for. Enjoy staring at your logs and grinning like a fool. However, I won't get fooled again. That's what your kind calls kindness. If you're nice to me, you're nice to others. I always end up nearly forgetting that. Reality is cruel, so I'm sure lies are a form of kindness. Thus, I say kindness itself is also a lie. I always ended up with these expectations. And I always ended up with these misunderstandings. And before I knew it, I stopped hoping. A highly trained loner is once bitten, twice shy. As a veteran on this battlefield of life, I've gotten used to losing. That's why I always hate nice girls.

- Hachiman Hikigaya
(Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru)

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[-]HeilHikki4 years ago

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[-]KekaruX6 years ago

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"He/she is nice to me.. i think he/she likes me." Most of the people tend to think like this. There are so many reasons a person likes you. its either they want something, you are popular, or they just want other people to see them as nice person for self-gratification. But you will not see that immediately..hard part is, you're already in that zone because of you being a "nice" person itself.
[-]Heartnet7 years ago

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My goodness. I just love this dialogue. His dialogues are all awesome. Thanks for Posting this TREASURE
[-]DarkAryes248 years ago

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Wow, that's so true, I am kinda like this even though I am girl only I just don't try to have expectations for people anymore. It's too tiring to be let down all the time you know...
[-]monseph187 years ago

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I can be your friend xD
[-]KuroVince258 years ago

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I think Hikigaya Hachiman and Oreki Houtarou can get along. They're both lazy and smart.
[-]CrimsonNight8 years ago

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Or they are the same character born in different anime with a small twist in their personalities.
[-]CrimsonNight8 years ago

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Now we're going for the 300's!
[-]CrimsonNight8 years ago

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300 Rating BREACHED!!
[-]nyl_chester8 years ago

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got the 295! >_<)m
[-]Hikky8 years ago

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He's so badass :D