Kurotsuchi Mayuri, Purple Hair, Short Hair, Sword, Weapons, Torn Clothes, Bleach
I hate perfection. To be perfect is to be unable to improve any further.

- Kurotsuchi Mayuri
From episode 200, time 6:02.

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[-]ice_fire8 years ago

ice_fire's Avatar
Well said Mayuri. ;D
[-]Akosmek9 years ago

Akosmek's Avatar
this quote is indeed but in real world perfection is what the people seeks ^_^
[-]tigress15799 years ago

tigress1579's Avatar
i got to agree with Ishimaru on this one
[-]MeMyselfandI9 years ago

MeMyselfandI's Avatar
i have to agree on that
[-]pirondi9 years ago

pirondi's Avatar
Ordinary person: I hate imperfection. Why things cant go the way i want ?.

But talking seriously, it is true. Things are fun until they are not dominated/mastered, after it the fun goes away. It is one of the contradictions of life, it is impossible to experience cold, without having a point of comparison with another oppost element like hot.
[-]Ishimaru9 years ago

Ishimaru's Avatar
I don't agree with you completely. It IS possible to experience cold without the opposite. It's just impossible to recognize it as cold.
[-]pirondi9 years ago

pirondi's Avatar
This is a interesting discussion but this is not a psychological subject. When a metal is hot it will expand, when it is cold, it will contract. There is no way to exist only "half" mechanics for this(based on what we know from science). Like the same as for you to say that you "Win or lost", there needs to have a comparison point.

If you remove the comparison point, just psychologically saying that you "Won" means nothing. Just because you perceive it or not, does not exclude the rule of nature that everything has a opposite. Just because someone never experienced "cold", does not mean that is possible to experience "cold" without this nature law of duality/opposites but you can say it is possible to only experience one side of a duality, like if someone born in a rich family, you can say that he never experienced what is to be poor but he can only experience being rich, because there is the opposite of being poor even he realizing it or not. (This is my perception, i am not saying that i am right).

Basically what i am saying is that, "Everything has a price", you cant experience an opposite, without you or someone else paying the price of the nature duality by having to experience the opposite of what you are experiencing. The price is that for someone to be rich, someone need to be poor. And for you to feel hot (expansion) something is being contracted. Every action has a reaction.
[-]Clementine9 years ago

Clementine's Avatar
I hate it too >__<