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Reality is such a pain. And for those of us who get fed up with that kind of reality, we simply choose to make a new one. We create little walls, and separate the trash from the stuff we like, and when that's all done we keep the things we care about and kick the rest to the curb. You'd be amazed how well it works! A whole world made out of just moe, tsundere, and BL, it's the best discovery ever! If you ask me, that really is the best way to separate reality, from fiction.

- Erika Karisawa

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[-]klabautermann7 years ago

klabautermann's Avatar
This is true, I'm most of the time fed up of reality so to compensate, I immerse myself to new worlds that i have yet to discover :3
[-]HellGirl12339 years ago

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This.....this.....THIS......This is my LIFE right here!