Shingeki no Kyojin, Eren Kruger
There is no such thing as truth in this world. That is our reality. Anyone can become a God or a Devil. All it takes is for someone to claim that to be the truth.

- Eren Kruger
(Shingeki no Kyojin)
From chapter 88, page 27.

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[-]riadhigodjay1 year ago

riadhigodjay's Avatar
you can check the source from snk manga chapter 88 page 27 or just google his name :)
yep, the pic is wrong
[-]mamamia1 year ago

mamamia's Avatar
its yeager
[-]lGreenn192 years ago

lGreenn19's Avatar
This is the wrong picture for the character. Eren Kruger is a middle aged man you guys need to change tge picture its confusing for others who dont read the manga. It looks like a mistake in the last name lol...
[-]Tsurugi2 years ago

Tsurugi's Avatar
Who the heck is Kruger lol
[-]Ishimaru3 years ago

Ishimaru's Avatar
I tip my hat to you, Eren Kruger. You see the matrix.