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The world isn't something that is all planned out. It's something you make yourself.

Sora said:

I can conquer the world with one hand as long as you are Holding the other

There’s no reason to pretend to be cool. Let’s show our lame sides. That’s who we really are, after all.

Learning and copying are the same. Everyone starts out copying someone else. Every last person.

Togame said:

Of course, if you lose in fighting it'd be a problem, but it's also a problem if you lose in character

That's right! Whatever the tragedy or the blunder is, only the things that actually happened are written in stone!

The weaker person is the more he gets hung up on other people's pain and then he self-destructs

That's ridiculous. People usually have a stereotypical idea, or an assumption like that and that's what creates a blind spot

In this small universe, it's an endless cycle of winning and losing until you begin losing your mind.

Yashamaru said:

Physical wounds will definitely bleed and may look painful but over time they heal by themselves and if you apply medicine, they will heal faster. What's troublesome are wounds of the heart. Nothing is harder to heal. They're a bit different from physical injuries. You can't apply medicine for one thing and sometimes, they never heal. There's only one cure for a wound of the heart. It's a bit bothersome and you can only receive it from someone else. What is it? Love.

A real man never goes back on his words!

No one knows what the future holds in life. We must take that endless bit of darkness and turn it to our advantage.

What is right... what is wrong... you can't easily tell the difference. That's why you must keep thinking, whether what you are doing is right or not. That act itself, alone, can be called right.

People live to save themselves.

Be on the Side that saves people, if both sides are the same, become a good man.

Kamina said:

Don't believe in the me that believe in you, don't believe in the you that believes in me, believe in yourself who believes in you!

Dio Brando said:

Advantages and disadvantages come hand in hand. That is inevitable

Yes, we have no destiny. Only those swallowed up by ignorance and fear who take false steps, shall plunge us into the waters called “destiny”.

As long is you still draw breathe, there is no way to escape having to bid others farewell. It doesn't matter if you're human or not...we all have to say good-bye.

When saying good-bye to this world, our great father split his blood into four: the eldest inherited only his sense of responsibility, the second eldest inherited only his easygoing personality, the youngest inherited only his innocence, and me, well, I inherited only his idiocy. What held us diverse brothers together was the love of our mother, deeper than the sea, and the farewell we bid our great father. Sometimes, one profound separation can unite the ones left behind.