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Avatar: The Legend Of Korra, Korra, Ninjatic, Armband, Ponytail, Long Hair, White Eyes, Black Hair
Wings, White hair, White Eyes
Harada Takehito, Nippon Ichi, Zetta, Phantom Kingdom, Red Eyes, Bare Shoulders, Red Hair, Couple, Long Hair, Short Hair, Blonde Hair, Salome, Pointy Ears, Looking Down, Official Art, White Eyes
Harada Takehito, Nippon Ichi, Smile, Zetta, Phantom Kingdom, Wavy Hair, Official Art, White Eyes, Fire, Pointy Ears, Solo, Red Hair, Long Hair
Black★Rock Shooter, Hoodie, Official Art, Scan, Jacket, Simple Background, Solo, Brown Eyes, Gauntlets, Sleeveless, White Eyes, Boots, Fire, Gray Hair, Robotic, Female, Hood, Gray Background, Short Hair, Fist, Tail, Weapons, Thigh Boots, White hair, Thigh Highs, Black Thigh Highs, huke, Black Outfit, Armor, Black, Strength, Black Rock Shooter
Yue, CLAMP, Male, White hair, White Eyes, Earrings, Jewelry, Solo, Cardcaptor Sakura
Wolf, Tail, White hair, White Eyes, Brown Eyes, Kids