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Watch, Wallpaper, Original Character
Black And White, Blue Eyes, Watch, Long Hair, Girl, Solo, Female, Backpack, Hair Clip, Side View, Bare Shoulders, Looking At Camera, Looking At The Camera, Open Mouth
Bag, Belt, Blue Hair, Boots, Crying, DRAMAtical Murder, Floating, Gloves, Jacket, Long Hair, Looking At Another, Male, Red Eyes, Scarf, Aoba Seragaki, Short Hair, Smile, Tears, Watch, White hair, Yellow Eyes
Kobayakawa Rinko, School Uniform, Black Hair, Mp3 Player, Brown Eyes, Headphones, Music, Tie, Clock, Female, Ipod, Long Hair, Short Hair, Watch, Bag, Love Plus
Axis Powers: Hetalia, Canada, Happy, Kumajirou, Mochimerica, Studio Deen, United Kingdom, United States, School Uniform, Newspaper, Nunchaku, Paper, Quintet, Rifle, Shoes, Short Hair, Silverware, Sitting, Socks, Spiky Hair, Table, Tea, Teacup, Tie, Watch, Weapons, White Socks, Hachi (Pixiv 934633), Hong Kong, Sealand, Ahoge, Black Hair, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Book, Brown Hair, Chair, Clock, Duangua, Five Males, Glasses, Globe, Gun, Key Chains, Male, Mochi