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Elsword, Rose, Skill Cut-In
Elsword, Rose
Horns, Black Wings, Vampire wings, Red Ribbon, Rose, Touhou
Anime, Rose
Anime, Rose
Anime, Rose
Rose, Blonde Hair
Anime Sanjushi, Rose
Sad, Anime, Girl, Rose
Anime, Rose
Rose, Anime, Ciel Phantomhive, Black Butler, Roses
Anime, Sad, Rose
Anime, Blood, Rose
Rose, Dress
Girl, Rose, Cute
Blue Hair, Blue Eyes, Rose, Smile, Cat
Cage, Long Hair, Blue Hair, Victorian Clothes, Hat, Purple Outfit, Rose, Tights, Hair Clip, Solo
Blood+, Haji, Rose
Breasts, Cleavage, Flower, Green Eyes, Komeiji Koishi, Purple Background, Red Rose, Ribbon, Rose, Short Hair, Solo, Tears, Third Eye, Touhou, Hat
Rozen Maiden, Rozen Maiden: Ouvertüre, Rozen Maiden: Träumend, Suigintou, Black-Winged Maiden, Shinku, Long Hair, Rose, Gothic Lolita, Flowers, Ribbon, Blonde Hair, Doll, Dolls
Rose, Black And White
Mei Misaki, Rose, Another
Flower, GUMI, Vocaloid, Pixiv, Wallpaper, Leia, Short Hair, 1600x1200 Wallpaper, Screaming, White Flower, Black Dress, Female, Open Mouth, Necklace, Hair Flower, Yayoi, Crying, Dress, Black Outfit, Jewelry, Looking To Side, Rose, Green Hair, Solo, Side View, Wallpaper 4:3 Ratio
Flower, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Vocaloid, Yasiro Yuu, Strawberry, Trio, Kagamine Twins, Twins, Sweets, Siblings, Silverware, Tiny Person, Cake, Family, Pie, Chef, Kaito, Rose, Blue Hair, Blonde Hair, Female, Short Hair, Male
Flower, Gokou Ruri, Happy, Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni..., Pixiv Id 54087, Petal, Purple Hair, Rose, Red Eyes, Teeth, Rose Petals, Fanart From Pixiv, Pixiv, Pantyhose, Swirls, Sidelocks, Fanart, Solo, Straight Bangs, Necklace, Frills, Jewelry, Cross, Gothic Lolita, Laying Down, Headdress, Bangs, Female, Dress, Checkered Floor, Checkered, Laces, Lolita Fashion, Hair Flower, Mole
Flower, Petit Devil, Peaceful, White hair, Original, Rose, Lolita Fashion, Hair Flower, Gothic Lolita, Long Hair, Silver Eyes, Pixiv, Black Dress, Female, Dress, Black Outfit
Charlotte Aulin, Flower, Sarry23, Castlevania: Portrait Of ..., White Flower, Solo, Female, Rose
Alice Liddell, Flower, Heart No Kuni No Alice, Quinrose, Ace (Heart No Kuni No Ali..., Jacket, Long Hair, Male, Sword, Female, Red Eyes, Rose, Weapons, Duo, Green Eyes, Red Hair, Ribbon, Short Hair, Sky, Brown Hair, Card (object), Alice in Wonderland, Blood, Dress
Flower, Meco Nameko, Kuroshitsuji II, Pixiv, Ciel Phantomhive, Red Eyes, Sebastian Michaelis, Heterochromia, Rose, Victorian Clothes, Black Hair, Lap Sit, Male, Short Hair, Sitting, Yaoi, Fanart
Flower, Luka Megurine, Vocaloid, Pink Dress, Hatsune Miku, Female, Pink Hair, Twin Tails, Dress, Long Hair, Pink Outfit, Rose
Axis Powers: Hetalia, Flower, Spain, Studio Deen, Ahoge, Brown Hair, Mediterranean Countries, Closed Eyes, Rose, South Italy, Male, Short Hair, Speech Bubble
Flower, Yamada Ako, Black Hair, Rose, Demon, Fanart, Short Hair, Glasses, Male, Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, Claude Faustus, Alois Trancy, Kuroshitsuji II
Flower, Homare / ほまれ, Kagamine Rin, Vocaloid, Gloves, Story Of Evil, Butterfly, Hair Bow, Bows (Fashion), Window, Short Hair, Gold Eyes, Female, Blush, Thigh Highs, Sparkles, Rose, Petal, Fan, Dress, Blonde Hair
Flower, Vocaloid, Petal, Twin Tails, Pearls, White Flower, Tie, Sheet Music, Musical Instrument, Music, Pixiv, Zettai Ryouiki, Water, Thigh Highs, Solo, Rose, Piano, Paper, Necklace, Music Note, Long Hair, Frills, Laying Down, Black Outfit, Laces, Green Eyes, Clouds, Black Dress, Hatsune Miku, Ranmaru (Iro), Jewelry, Green Hair, Grand Piano, Garter Belt, Female, Dress, Bows (Fashion), Bouquet, Beads, Alternate Hairstyle
Flower, Hair Bow, Solo, Black Hair, Haji, Rose, Ponytail, Male, Long Hair, Blood+
Flower, Yone Kazuki, Rose, Nail Polish, Vampire, Solo, Male, Kazuki, Blue Flower, Blood, Hands, Black Hair, Fangs, Avarus, Yone Kazuki
Flower, Kashimashi, Hazumu Osaragi, Long Hair, Dress, Pink Hair, Short Hair, Chair, Rose
Flower, Minako Shiba, Smile, Gloves, Window, Official Art, Scan, Thigh Highs, Tie, Two Males, Minako Shiba, Demon, Kuroshitsuji II, Blue Eyes, Duo, Serious, Alois Trancy, Black Hair, Boots, Butler, Gold Eyes, Short Hair, Claude Faustus, Black Flower, Black Thigh Highs, Blonde Hair, Bow Tie, Bows (Fashion), Chair, Curtain, Glasses, Male, Rose, Shorts, Sitting, Smirk, Suit
Flower, Vocaloid, Zatsune Miku, Thigh Boots, Thigh Highs, Tie, Solo, Twin Tails, Zettai Ryouiki, 15 (Artist), Black Hair, Headphones, Sitting, Hatsune Miku, Blush, Female, Red Eyes, Rose, Skirt
Flower, Pixiv Id 238215, Hat, Crystal, Heart, Pixiv, Blue Dress, Blue Hair, Dress, Rose, Sun Hat, Pixiv Fantasia
Flower, Komeiji Koishi, Komeiji Satori, Okitakung, Touhou, Two Girls, Komeiji Sisters, Hat, Holding Hands, Purple Hair, Zun, Rose, Sisters, Duo, Female, Short Hair, Siblings
Flower, Nyanya, Smile, Vocaloid, Project Diva Extend, CosMo-p, Hatsune Miku No Gekishou, Pixiv, ANTI THE∞HOLiC, Wallpaper, Hair Flower, Heterochromia, Lolita Fashion, Boots, Long Hair, 800x600 Wallpaper, Bows (Fashion), Female, Long Sleeves, Alternate Outfit, Black Flower, Brown Hair, Checkered Floor, Gothic Lolita, Multi-colored Hair, Sitting, Solo, Twin Tails, Hatsune Miku, Armchair, Black Dress, Black Outfit, Blue Hair, Chair, Checkered, Dress, Frills, Gear, Green Eyes, Hair Bow, Red Eyes, Rose, Sitting On Chair, Star (Symbol), Tie, Wallpaper 4:3 Ratio
Axis Powers: Hetalia, Flower, Spain, Studio Deen, Ahoge, Brown Hair, Male, South Italy, Green Eyes, Rose
Flower, Hiwou War Chronicles, Yoshiyuki Itou, Ouran High School Host Cl..., Square Enix, Renton Thurston, Animal, Black Eyes, Black Hair, Blonde Hair, Brown Hair, Cross-over, Dog, Female, Gold Eyes, Group, Male, Rose, Short Hair, Vase, Official Art, Yoshiyuki Itou, BONES (Studio), Darker than Black, Eureka Seven, Fullmetal Alchemist, Wolf's Rain, Sword of the Stranger, Edward Elric, Hei
Austria, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Chibimano, Flower, France, Germany, North Italy, Smile, Spain, Studio Deen, Holy Roman Empire, Rome, South Italy, Switzerland, Ahoge, Black Hair, Blonde Hair, Braids, Brown Hair, Child, Crossdressing, Family, Glasses, Green Eyes, Group, Male, Rose, Short Hair, Simple Background, Sword, Weapons, White Background, Wink, Allied Forces, Mediterranean Countries, Chibitalia, Germania
Flower, Senano Yu, Dress, Female, Long Hair, Looking Away, Moon, Multi-colored Background, Rose, Sky, Sun, Sunset, Pixiv, Black Dress, Black Outfit, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Blush, Cage, Crescent Moon
Axis Powers: Hetalia, Flower, France, Prussia, Spain, Studio Deen, United Kingdom, School Uniform, Albino, Alternate Outfit, Arms Up, Blonde Hair, Blush, Brown Hair, Four Males, Green Eyes, Male, Quartet, Red Eyes, Rose, Trio, White hair, Fanart, Gakuen Hetalia, Bad Trio
Flower, Happy, Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Blush, Brown Hair, Hands, Male, Rose, Short Hair, Sneakers, Solo
Flower, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Vocaloid, Alternate Outfit, Blonde Hair, Blood, Dress, Duo, Female, Male, Rose, Siblings, Suit, Sword, Twins, Story Of Evil, Kagamine Twins
Flower, Shizuo Heiwajima, Durarara!!, Blonde Hair, Cigarette, Glasses, Gold Eyes, Male, Rose, Short Hair, Smoking, Solo
Flower, Sen Shima, Alice in Wonderland, Bottle, Bows (Fashion), Female, Frills, Hair Bow, High Heels, Long Hair, Nail Polish, Pink Eyes, Pink Hair, Ribbon, Rose, Shoes, Striped, Striped Thigh Highs, Thigh Highs
Flower, Pokémon, C (Pixiv 469059), Blue Eyes, Blue Hair, Earrings, Female, Jewelry, Long Hair, Male, Pink Hair, Red Eyes, Rose, Short Hair, Uniform, Team Rocket
Fiddle, Flower, Shannon, Butterfly, Rose, Trio, Pixiv, 07th Expansion, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Ronove
Smile, Uragiri Wa Boku No Namae Wo Shitteiru, Gloves, Belt, Black Outfit, Blue Eyes, Blue Flower, Male, Open Mouth, Rose, Scarf, Short Hair, Solo
Minnowpudding, Chest, Shirtless, Fairy Tail, Gray Fullbuster, Short Hair, Blue Eyes, Tattoo, Laying Down, Male, Solo, Looking At Camera, Blush, Ice, Necklace, Whiskers, Open Mouth, Shirtless (male), Rose, Spiky Hair, Fanart, Pixiv
Flower, Lavi, Red Hair, Short Hair, Male, Solo, Eyepatch, Brown Eyes, Rose, Earrings, Jewelry, Tie, Suit, D.Gray-man
Flower, Gilbert Nightray, Jun Mochizuki, Oz Bezarius, Smile, Square Enix, Male, Two Males, Duo, Green Eyes, Blonde Hair, Short Hair, Chain, Blue Eyes, Rose, Pandora Hearts
Flower, Will Of The Abyss, Dress, Red Eyes, Rose, White Dress, White hair, White Outfit, Pandora Hearts
Flower, Studio Deen, Yuuki Cross, Pink Rose, Blush, Dress, Female, Rose, Sword, Yellow Dress, Weapons, Solo, Vampire Knight