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Blue Eyes, Blue Hair, Blush, Coat, Delinquent, Dokidoki! Precure, Grin, Hand In Pocket, Rikka Hishikawa, Long Hair, Pants, Pink Hair, Smile, Socks, Solo, Sword, Weapon, Wooden Sword
Axis Powers: Hetalia, Father, Studio Deen, Sweden, Fanart, Male, Brown Hair, Three Males, Blue Shirt, Father And Son, Glasses, Pants, Uniform, Yotsuba&!, Angry, Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, Closed Eyes, Family, Female, Parody, Shorts, Shirt, Trio, Short Hair, Nordic Countries, Sealand, Finland
Hibari Kyoya, Tsunayoshi Sawada, Smile, Male, White Background, Vongola Family, Holding Hands, Looking To Side, Two Males, Shirt, Long Sleeves, Pants, Short Hair, Tie, Simple Background, Purple Eyes, White Shirt, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Belt, Blush, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Black Hair, Coat, Duo
Black★Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Huke/b★rs Project, Yuusuke Matsuo, Smile, Gloves, Wings, Grin, Smirk, Scythe, Underweight, Looking At Camera, Shoes, Solo, Horns, Huge Weapon, Pants, Ribbon, Long Hair, Short Hair, Skull, Yandere, Weapons, Scan, Black Gloves, Black Hair, Choker, Green Eyes, Black Pants, Black Wings, Curls, Claws, Frills, Bone, Black Outfit, Black Dress, Dress, Dark Persona, Evil, Female, Fight Stance, Yuusuke Matsuo
Annin Douhu, Iori Minase, Original, Widescreen 16:10 Ratio, Shoes, Sweets, Wallpaper, Leggings, Cellphone, Mp3 Player, Pants, Dress, Long Hair, Headband, Open Mouth, Pink Outfit, Crying, Music, Phone, Pink Dress, Closed Eyes, Female, Candy, Brown Hair, Jacket, Ipod, Book, Angry, The IDOLM@STER, 1680x1050 Wallpaper, 1920x1200 Wallpaper
Arisaka Ako, Cro-Marmot, Happy, Happy Tree Friends, Smile, Gloves, Female, Gold Eyes, Ribbon, Green Hair, Pants, Sad, Group, Long Hair, Personification, Short Hair, Tie, Hook (Hand), Male, Mask, Pink Eyes, Pink Hair, Pirate, Red Eyes, Superhero, Twin Tails, Pixiv, Blonde Hair, Blue Hair, Boots, Dress, Eyepatch, Russell, Black Hair
Axis Powers: Hetalia, Iceland, Norway, Shimatsu, Smile, Studio Deen, PNG Conversion, Male, Nordic Countries, Pants, Thigh Highs, Purple Eyes, Short Hair, White hair, Nyotalia, Long Hair, Quartet, Sailor Suit, Standing, Fanart, Fanart From Pixiv, Pixiv, Gender Bending, Flag, Female, Blonde Hair, Family, Bows (Fashion), Black Thigh Highs, Ahoge, Hair Bow, Couple, Country Flag, Boots, Blue Eyes, Black Socks, Black Legwear, Hair Clip
Flower, Handy, Happy Tree Friends, Smile, Yuruse, Long Hair, Bandages, Pants, Blue Hair, Personification, Skirt, Amputee, Blush, Couple, Hat, Jacket, Scarf, Short Hair, Pixiv
Daburyuu, Uniform, Looking At Camera, Sword, Serious, Jacket, Black Eyes, Fanart From Pixiv, Standing, Short Hair, Red Sky, Open Clothes, Holding Weapon, Cape, Belt, Shingeki no Kyojin, Pixiv, Fanart, Weapons, Solo, Sky, Shirt, Pants, Open Jacket, Multiple Belts, Male, Clouds, City, Boots, Black Hair, Levi Ackerman
Mizusaku, Smile, Square Enix, Solo, Teeth, Male, Tie, Grin, Pants, Shirt, Vest, Pixiv, Glasses, Gold Eyes, Long Hair, Long Sleeves, Red Hair, Sharp Teeth, Simple Background, White Shirt, Fanart, Coat, Collar (Clothes), Bow Tie, Filmstrip, Kuroshitsuji, Grell Sutcliff, Bows (Fashion), Brown Background
Kagamine Len, Vocaloid, Wings, Green Eyes, Male, Bird, Cage, Pants, Solo, Animal, Blonde Hair, Feather, Ponytail, Short Hair
Happy, Petit Devil, Vocaloid, Short Hair, Pixiv, Scarf, Kaito, Belt, Male, Blue Hair, Pants
Happy, Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, Aerial View, Blue Eyes, Blue Hair, Lipstick, Scarf, Twin Tails, Female, Long Hair, Pants, Shoes, Snow, Winter
Shizuo Heiwajima, Izaya Orihara, Smile, Cigarette, Cosplay, Duo, Glasses, Male, Smoking, Black Hair, Short Hair, Sunglasses, Vein Pop, Durarara!!, Alternate Outfit, Angry, Blonde Hair, Brown Hair, Outfit Switch, Pants, Simple Background, Switchblade, Two Males
Happy, Luke Fon Fabre, Namco, Smile, Tales of the Abyss, Guy Cecil, Belt, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Collar (Clothes), Duo, Green Eyes, Hand Behind Head, Jewelry, Long Hair, Long Sleeves, Male, Midriff, Multi-colored Hair, Muscles, Necklace, Pants, Red Hair, Shirt, Short Hair, Short Sleeves, Simple Background, Spiky Hair, Teeth, Two Males, Vest, White Background, White Shirt, Wink, Manga Cover, Official Art, Scan, Rei (玲衣)
Pixiv Id 558102, Smile, Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, Belt, Blue Eyes, Boots, Duo, Female, Gender Bending, Long Hair, Male, Multiple Persona, Pants, Short Hair, Skirt, Twin Tails
Axis Powers: Hetalia, France, Prussia, Spain, Studio Deen, Gloves, Albino, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Brown Hair, Confetti, Green Eyes, Male, Ornate Border, Pants, Red Eyes, Short Hair, Sword, Three Males, Trio, Weapons, White hair, Allied Forces, Bad Trio, Mediterranean Countries
Axis Powers: Hetalia, Gilbird, Prussia, Saiyki, Smile, Studio Deen, 1024x768 Wallpaper, Albino, Animal, Bird, Black Footwear, Boots, Cage, Cape, Chair, Crossed Legs, Epaulettes, Globe, Hat, Hat Off, Little Yellow Bird, Male, Military Uniform, Pants, Red Eyes, Short Hair, Sitting, Solo, Tree, Uniform, Wallpaper 4:3 Ratio, White hair, Pixiv, Wallpaper, Germanic Countries
Vocaloid, Gloves, Hatsune Miku, Boots, Gender Bending, Green Eyes, Green Hair, Headphones, Long Hair, Male, Multiple Persona, Pants, Short Hair, Silver&wing, Skirt, Tie, Twin Tails
Level-5, Pixiv Id 3019461, Smile, Kyōsuke Tsurugi, Pixiv, Fanart From Pixiv, Fanart, Two Males, Spiky Hair, Soccer Ball, Soccer, Short Hair, Shirt, Ponytail, Pants, Male, Looking At Another, Headphones, Gold Eyes, Full Body, Duo, Closed Mouth, Brown Hair, Blue Hair, Blue Eyes, Black Pants, Ball, Matsukaze Tenma, Inazuma Eleven GO
Pixiv Id 2681114, Pixiv, Fanart From Pixiv, Fanart, Uniform, Solo, Short Hair, Scarf, Pants, Looking At Camera, Jumping, Female, Boots, Black Hair, Black Eyes, Belt, Mikasa Ackerman, Shingeki no Kyojin
Pixiv Id 1388683, The Eleven Supernovas Character Group, Straw Hat Pirates Character Group, Pixiv, Fanart From Pixiv, Fanart, White Background, Weapons, Tattoo, Sword, Straw Hat, Standing, Simple Background, Side View, Short Hair, Pants, Male, Katana, Jewelry, Jeans, Hood, Head, Hat, Hands, Goatee, Full Body, Food, Earrings, Brown Footwear, Boots, Body Piercing, Black Hair, Apple, Animal Print, Trafalgar Law, Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece
Johnathan Mar, Mataro(Artist), Pixiv, White hair, Blonde Hair, Expressionless, Dark Skin, Red Eyes, Gun, Weapons, Pants, Simple Background, Solo, Jormungand
Flower, Shinobu Morita, Smile, Male, Solo, Short Hair, Chika Umino, Clouds, Coat, Hand In Pocket, Long Sleeves, Looking At Camera, Pants, Red Eyes, Shirt, Sky, White Shirt, Official Art, Scan, Honey and Clover
Vocaloid, Male, Female, Holding Hands, White Background, Butterfly, Microphone, Headphones, Black Dress, Pants, Purple Hair, Pink Hair
Happy, Yui Hirasawa, Smile, Barefoot, Brown Eyes, Short Hair, Female, Solo, Open Mouth, kakifly, Pants, K-ON!
Superbi Squalo, Black Eyes, Gray Hair, White hair, Male, Pants, Solo, Headphones, Shirt, White Background, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Axis Powers: Hetalia, Honk Kong, Smile, Studio Deen, Animal, Brown Eyes, Chinese Clothes, Male, Panda, Pants, Personification, Short Hair, Sitting, Solo, Stuffed Panda, stuffed toy