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Dress, Solo, One Girl, Female, Girl, Red Dress, Bare Shoulders, Original Character, Long Hair, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Nail Polish, Shoes, High Heels, Sitting, Earrings, Earring, Dark Background
White Background, Solo, Girl, Female, One Girl, Heterochromia, Original Character, Long Hair, Bare Shoulders, Earrings, White Dress, Dress, Multi-colored Eyes, Blush
Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, White hair, Catgirl, Kemonomimi, Knee High Socks, Long Hair, Solo, Female, Girl, One Girl, Open Mouth, Hat, Boots, Long Sleeves, Pink Background, Stars, Skirt, Jacket, Hair Clip, Blush, Ribbons, White Shirt
Amazing, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes
White Background, Girl, Solo, Female, School Uniforms, School Uniform, Skirt, Grass, Fish, Water, Water Droplets, Shoes, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Smiling, Bracelet, Pink Hair, Long Hair, Short Sleeves, Original Character, One Girl
Twins, Original Character, School Uniforms, School Uniform, Long Hair, Two Girls, Two Females, Pink Hair, Black Background, Skirt, Flowers, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Pink Flower, Purple Flower, Tree, Side View, Long Sleeves
Long Hair, Solo, Female, Girl, One Girl, Pink Hair, Black Background, Dress, White Dress, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Hair Ornament, Shoeless, Bracelet, Original Character
Boku no Hero Academia, Todoroki Shouto, Heterochromia
Girl, Female, Solo, One Girl, Skirt, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Cat Ears, Sky, Sunset, Hair Ornament, Long Hair, Twin Tails, Open Mouth, Earring, Jacket, Long Sleeves, Hat
Miku, Vocaloid, Heterochromia
Diabolik Lovers, Heterochromia
Solo, Female, Girl, Long Hair, Pink Hair, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Skirt, Sitting, Tree, Trees, Stars, Sky, Stars (Sky), Shoes, High Heels, Fairy Wings, Hair Ornament, Choker, Nail Polish, Original Character, Rocks, Holding Something, Bare Shoulders, Ribbons, Blue Ribbon, One Girl
Cute, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Twins, Catgirls
Cute, Heterochromia, Catgirl, Knee High Socks, Female, Multi-colored Eyes
Cute, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes
Two Girls, Twins, Long Hair, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Animal Ears, Flowers, Catgirls, Catgirl, Dress, Long Sleeves, Ribbon, Ribbons, Holding Hands, Hair Ornament, Kemonomimi, Looking At Camera, Looking At The Camera, Two Females, Hair Ribbon, Hair Flower, Hair Clip, Blush, Nekomimi
Girl, Female, School Uniform, School Uniforms, Schoolgirl, Long Hair, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Flowers, Pink Flower, Pink Flower Petals, Pink Flower Petal, Original Character, Skirt, Short Sleeves, Solo, One Girl, Tree, Looking To Side, Pink Background, Holding Letter, Pink Hair
Black Hair, Headphones, Heterochromia, Blue Eyes, Green Eyes, Silver hair, Grey Hair
Heterochromia, Silver hair, Smiling, Seifuku, Girl, Multi-colored Eyes
Heterochromia, Pink Hair, Brown Hair, Blush, Girl, Cute
Sad, Crying, Male, Male, Anime, Heterochromia, Purple Hair
Heterochromia, Purple Hair, Long Hair, Anime, Blush, Cute, Girl, Multi-colored Eyes
Wallpaper, Heterochromia
School Uniform, School Uniforms, Heterochromia, School Bag, Knee High Socks, Thigh Highs, Skirt, Long Hair, Female, Girl, One Girl, Solo, Tree, Leaves, Earrings, Hair Clip, Original Character, Long Sleeves, Bag, Pink Hair, Multi-colored Eyes, Mouth Hold, White Background, Schoolgirl, Jewelery
Water, Sky, Girl, Female, Shoes, Reflection, School Uniform, School Uniforms, Skirt, Long Hair, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Umbrella, Side View, Looking At The Camera, Looking At Camera, Original Character, Solo, One Girl, Black Socks, Walking, Clouds, Uniform, Short Sleeves, Holding Something, Standing, Schoolgirl, Rain, Pink Hair
Girl, Female, Skirt, School Uniform, School Uniforms, Long Hair, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, One Girl, Solo, Pink Hair, Knee High Socks, Bracelet, Looking To Side, Thigh Highs, White Thigh Highs, Uniform, Original Character
Girl, Female, Heterochromia, Dress, Skirt, Long Hair, Multi-colored Eyes, Pink Hair, Vines, Bracelet, Short Sleeves, Side View, One Girl, Solo, Hair Ornament, White Background, Hair Clip, Original Character
Bai Yemeng, Bi-colored Eyes, Black Hair, Thigh Highs, Shorts, Long Hair, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Hair
Girl, Bottle, Long Hair, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Solo, Female, One Girl, School Uniforms, School Uniform, Water, Original Character, Skirt, Dark Background, Pink Hair, Uniform, Shoes, Side View
Girl, Long Hair, Earrings, Skirt, School Uniforms, School Uniform, Knee High Socks, Female, Solo, One Girl, Original Character, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Thigh Highs, White Thigh Highs, Looking To Side, Long Sleeves, Uniform
Two Girls, Girls, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, School Uniform, School Uniforms, Long Hair, Two Females, Females, Skirt, Original Character, Stars, Shoes, Pink Hair, Looking At Another
Heterochromia, Girl, Knee High Socks, School Uniforms, Female, School Uniform, Water Droplets, Long Hair, Sitting, Solo, One Girl, Multi-colored Eyes, Original Character, Skirt, Thigh Highs, White Thigh Highs, Uniform, Long Sleeves
Yurara Mishima, Heterochromia
Kurumi Tokisaki, Thigh Highs, Twin Tails, Detached Sleeves, Clock, Yellow Eyes, Red Eyes, Black Hair, Cleavage, Dress, Weapon, Heterochromia
Winter, Snow, City, Heterochromia
Monogatari Series: Second Season, Heterochromia
Original, Neko, Catgirl, Heterochromia
Heterochromia, Female, Short Hair, Dress, Ribbons, Red Flower Petals, Hair Clip, Hat, Books, Girl, Solo, Blush, Bows (Fashion), Stars, Petals, Curtains, Multi-colored Eyes, Purple Dress
Noragami, Yato, Sword, Heterochromia
Heterochromia, Girl, Solo, Female, Short Hair, Dark, Multi-colored Eyes, One Girl
Heterochromia, Girl, Solo, Short Hair, Female, Gloves, Snowflakes, Bows (Fashion), Knee High Socks, Ribbons, Flowers, Full Moon, Multi-colored Eyes, One Girl, Purple Hair
Kurama Youko, Red Hair, Solo, Yu Yu Hakusho, Male, White Shirt, Kurama, Youko Kurama, Long Hair, Animal Ears, Heterochromia, Multi-colored Eyes, Kitsune
Heterochromia, Umbrella, Night, Original Character, Shoes
Gas Mask, Heterochromia, Knife, Blood
Chiharu Flamsteed Shishidou, Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas, Uniform, Heterochromia
Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas, Chiharu Flamsteed Shishidou, Uniform, Heterochromia
Girls, Flowers, Bouquet of Roses, Petals, Stairs, Black Outfit, Blonde Hair, Hairband, Tie, Thigh Highs, Blush, Blue Eyes, Petite, Heterochromia, Pretty Clothes, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
kimahri215, Blue Background, Heterochromia, Sengoku Basara
Kantai Collection, Heterochromia
Shiratori Kanae, Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai, Kanae to Meguri to no Sonogo ga Icha Love Sugite Yabai, Heterochromia
Basket, Blue Eyes, Blue Hair, Grey Hair, Heterochromia, Jewelry, Karakasa Obake, Long Hair, Mouse, Nazrin, Pendant, Red Eyes, Sandals, Short Hair, Tail, Tatara Kogasa, Tongue, Touhou, Umbrella
Heterochromia, Wings, Angel, Blonde Hair, Long Hair, Flowers, Thigh Highs
Touhou, Izayoi Sakuya, Girl, Heterochromia
Abstract, Heterochromia
Weapon, Black Bullet, Rentaro Satomi, Bi-colored Eyes, Heterochromia, Short Hair, Black Hair, Clouds
Gun, Weapon, Kurumi Tokisaki, Date A Live, Date A Live II, Yandere, Heterochromia, Bi-colored Eyes
Beret, Blush, Bow, Choker, Coat, Darker than Black, Gloves, Green Eyes, Hat, Heterochromia, Long Coat, Necklace, Red Hair, Redhead, Ribbon, Shion Pavlichenko, Short Hair, Smile
Twin Tails, White hair, Heterochromia, Dress, Female
Rozen Maiden, Suiseiseki, Doll, Heterochromia, Long Hair, Cute, Chibi
Heterochromia, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Dolls, Hat, Rozen Maiden, Twins, Water, Illusions