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Mikuni Saho, Guy Cecil, Male, Short Hair, Tales of the Abyss, Blonde Hair, Spiky Hair, Solo
Happy, Luke Fon Fabre, Namco, Smile, Tales of the Abyss, Guy Cecil, Belt, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Collar (Clothes), Duo, Green Eyes, Hand Behind Head, Jewelry, Long Hair, Long Sleeves, Male, Midriff, Multi-colored Hair, Muscles, Necklace, Pants, Red Hair, Shirt, Short Hair, Short Sleeves, Simple Background, Spiky Hair, Teeth, Two Males, Vest, White Background, White Shirt, Wink, Manga Cover, Official Art, Scan, Rei (玲衣)
Yoshihito Hishinuma, Luke Fon Fabre, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lan..., Spiky Hair, Trio, DVD (Source), Official Art, Scan, Yoshihito Hishinuma, Tales of the Abyss, Guy Cecil, Blonde Hair, Female, Long Hair, Male, Red Hair, Short Hair