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Blue Eyes, Blue Hair, Blush, Coat, Delinquent, Dokidoki! Precure, Grin, Hand In Pocket, Rikka Hishikawa, Long Hair, Pants, Pink Hair, Smile, Socks, Solo, Sword, Weapon, Wooden Sword
Blood, Eyepatch, Grin, Hair Ornament, Kantai Collection, Purple Hair, Shirt, Smile, Solo, Yellow Eyes
Animal Ears, Grin, Horror, Long Hair, Monochrome, Red Eyes, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Solo, Touhou
Tenka Kumō, Smile, Male, Solo, Grin, Donten ni Warau, Official Art, Japanese Clothes, Earrings, Black Hair, Black Eyes
Shirtless, Spiky Hair, Barefoot, Fist, Simple Background, Grin, Jumping, Short Hair, Bandages, Red Eyes, Cape, Tattoo, Male, Blue Hair, Kamina, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Shizuo Heiwajima, Izaya Orihara, Scar, Smile, Grin, Male, Short Hair, Sunglasses, Bow Tie, Glasses, Two Males, Blood, Bows (Fashion), Duo, Gold Eyes, Red Eyes, Tie, Durarara!!, Blonde Hair, Black Hair, Angry
Black★Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Huke/b★rs Project, Yuusuke Matsuo, Smile, Gloves, Wings, Grin, Smirk, Scythe, Underweight, Looking At Camera, Shoes, Solo, Horns, Huge Weapon, Pants, Ribbon, Long Hair, Short Hair, Skull, Yandere, Weapons, Scan, Black Gloves, Black Hair, Choker, Green Eyes, Black Pants, Black Wings, Curls, Claws, Frills, Bone, Black Outfit, Black Dress, Dress, Dark Persona, Evil, Female, Fight Stance, Yuusuke Matsuo
Ioshik, Tatsumi Oga, Smile, Male, Black Hair, Short Hair, Solo, Grating, Beelzebub, Grin
Nishi Joichiro, Smile, Gloves, Hoodie, Electricity, Black Hair, Hand In Pocket, Male, Pointing, Short Hair, Looking At Camera, Text, Pixiv, Black Eyes, Grin, Solo, Text: Series Name, Fanart, Yuki (Pixiv3176882), Gantz
Izumi Touge, Luke Fon Fabre, Smile, Gloves, Asch the Bloody, Two Males, Fanart, Fanart From Pixiv, Pixiv, Duo, Fingerless Gloves, Midriff, Red Hair, Green Eyes, Male, Short Hair, Long Hair, Grin, Tales of the Abyss, Belt, Face Cut Off
Kanata Nanami, Smile, Starry Sky, Solo, Kimihana (Pixiv 265592), Spiky Hair, Hand In Pocket, Text, Gray Hair, Jewelry, Necklace, Text: Series Name, Body Piercing, Earrings, Green Eyes, Grin, Looking At Camera, Male, Fanart, Pixiv
Gloves, Black Thigh Highs, Short Hair, Black Hair, Ring, Duo, Claude Faustus, Two Males, Male, Gold Eyes, Demon, Boots, Alois Trancy, Tie, Thigh Highs, Suit, Spider Web, Jewelry, Grin, Glasses, Bows (Fashion), Bow Tie, Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, Kuroshitsuji
Mizusaku, Smile, Square Enix, Solo, Teeth, Male, Tie, Grin, Pants, Shirt, Vest, Pixiv, Glasses, Gold Eyes, Long Hair, Long Sleeves, Red Hair, Sharp Teeth, Simple Background, White Shirt, Fanart, Coat, Collar (Clothes), Bow Tie, Filmstrip, Kuroshitsuji, Grell Sutcliff, Bows (Fashion), Brown Background
Himekaidou Hatate, Inubashiri Momiji, Shameimaru Aya, Smile, Touhou, Tie, Tokin, Leaves, Traditional Clothes, Female, Long Hair, Scarf, Trio, Holding Skirt, Long Sleeves, O O, Short Hair, Surprised, Twin Tails, Detached Sleeves, Embarrassed, Frame, Grin, Japanese Clothes, Kemonomimi, Looking At Camera, Maple Leaf, Okamimimi, Red Eyes, Sky, Tail, Three Girls, White hair, Black Border, Zun, Sky Blue, Clouds, Blush, Brown Hair
Flamebier, Jellal Fernandes, Hiro Mashima, Smile, Fairy Tail, Facial Mark, Solo, Blue Hair, Grin, Short Hair, Colorization
Momochimomo, Bead Necklace, Beads, Blood, Dark Skin, Grin, Horns, Jewelry, Kanabo, Loin Cloth, Long Hair, Mace, Male, Necklace, Oni, Sakazuki, Sake, Single Horn, Tetsubo, White hair, Pixiv, Pixiv Fantasia
Happy, Vocaloid, Sky, Teal Hair, Tie, Twin Tails, Umbrella, Melt, Hatsune Miku, Belt, Blush, Female, Grin, Hair Flower, Long Hair, Skirt
Kagamine Len, Vocaloid, Mugi (Twinbox), Hatsune Miku, Aqua Eyes, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Detached Sleeves, Female, Gender Bending, Grin, Hug, Long Hair, Male, Multiple Persona, Trio, Twin Tails
Flower, Senano Yu, Smile, Blonde Hair, Duo, Earrings, Green Eyes, Grin, Hat, Headband, Jewelry, Long Hair, Red Eyes, Ribbon, Short Hair, Original, Pixiv
Pixiv Id 2453791, Sabo, Scar, Smile, The Eleven Supernovas Character Group, Straw Hat Pirates Character Group, Pixiv, One Piece: Two Years Late..., Fanart From Pixiv, Fanart, White Background, Straw Hat, Solo, Simple Background, Short Hair, Male, Hat, Grin, Goggles, Closed Eyes, Black Hair, Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece
Scar, Smile, Darker than Black, Cigar, Female, Grin, Hat, Jacket, Simple Background, Smoking, Solo
Type-moon, Solo, Male, Red Eyes, Beard, Grin, Fate/zero, Rider
Vocaloid, Closed Eyes, Painting, School Uniform, Glasses, Female, Group, Short Hair, Ponytail, Skirt, Black Eyes, Sleep, Sleepwear, Paintbrush, Punch, Teeth, Open Mouth, Grin, Weapons
Izumo Kamiki, Female, Solo, Ponytail, Red Eyes, Grin, Purple Hair, Dog, Skirt, Thigh Highs, Ao no Exorcist
Alucard, Male, Solo, Gun, Weapons, Red Eyes, Grin, Hellsing
Underwood Weevil, Male, Green Hair, Short Hair, Glasses, Blue Eyes, Grin, Yu-Gi-Oh!
Green Skin, Piccolo, Cape, Crossed Arms, Male, Solo, Grin, Sky, Dragon Ball
Ichimaru Gin, Male, Solo, White Background, White hair, Short Hair, Grin, Gold Eyes, Bleach
Happy, Yu Kanda, Smile, Anger Vein, Closed Eyes, Gloves, Allen Walker, Lavi, Lenalee Lee, Angry, Blue Eyes, Black Eyes, Eyepatch, Red Hair, Short Hair, White hair, Quartet, Open Mouth, Headband, Food, Grin, Male, Female, Katsura Hoshino, D.Gray-man
Millenium Earl, Candles, Solo, Glasses, Gold Eyes, Grin, Teeth, Sharp Teeth, Hat, D.Gray-man
Scar, Shirtless, Viral, Blonde Hair, Male, Gold Eyes, Grin, Sharp Teeth, Teeth, Shirtless (male), Bandages, Solo, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Cross-over, Purple Hair, Pink Eyes, Skirt, Solo, Grin, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Naruto Uzumaki, Blonde Hair, Male, Solo, Spiky Hair, Jinchuuriki, Whiskers, Headband, Red Eyes, Water, Grin, Naruto
Marshall D. Teach, Beard, Male, Open Mouth, Solo, Teeth, Shichibukai, Grin, One Piece
Maka Albarn, Soul Evans, Female, Male, Group, Blonde Hair, Blue Hair, Red Eyes, Gold Eyes, Grin, Sharp Teeth, White hair, Short Hair, Hat, Skull, Soul Eater
Gloves, Jeremiah Gottwald, Green Hair, Short Hair, Male, Solo, Military Uniform, Uniform, Gold Eyes, Grin, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Shirtless, Madarame Ikkaku, Bald, Male, Solo, Grin, Shirtless (male), Zanpakuto, Bleach
Vocaloid, Kaito, Blue Hair, Male, Short Hair, Green Eyes, Nail Polish, Green Nails, Grin, Solo
Flower, Square Enix, Undertaker, Yana Toboso, Black Outfit, Candle, Facial Mark, Gothic, Grin, Hat, Jewelry, Long Nails, Male, Ring, Rose, Skeleton, Skull, Solo, White hair, Kuroshitsuji
Smile, Gloves, Kaito Kuroba, Gosho Aoyama, Blue Hair, Male, Short Hair, Solo, Tie, Grin, Detective Conan
Conan Edogawa, Gloves, Gosho Aoyama, Child, Glasses, Little Boy, Male, Short Hair, Blue Eyes, Grin, Blue Hair, Sweat, Kaito Kuroba, Detective Conan
Okita Sougo, Orange Hair, Short Hair, Brown Eyes, Grin, Male, Solo, Military Uniform, Uniform, Katana, Weapons, Gintama
Deidara, Male, Solo, Blonde Hair, Open Shirt, Blue Eyes, Grin, Hand Behind Head, Naruto
Demon Eyes, Gloves, Sebastian Michaelis, Cat, Animal, Red Eyes, Grin, Wink, Black Outfit, Kuroshitsuji
School Uniform, Male, Female, Group, Red Eyes, Red Hair, Green Eyes, Purple Hair, Blonde Hair, Green Hair, Grin, Glasses, Uniform, Rainbow Colors, Pokémon
Demon Eyes, Sebastian Michaelis, Red Eyes, Black Outfit, Hat, Grin, Male, Solo, Kuroshitsuji
Shirtless, Dante, White hair, Blue Eyes, Open Shirt, Grin, Shirtless (male), Jacket, Male, Solo, Devil May Cry
Smile, Shirtless, Dante, Capcom, Gray Hair, Grin, Gun, Jacket, Male, Shirtless (male), Solo, White hair, Short Hair, Devil May Cry
Suguro Chayamachi, Togainu No Chi, Gunji, Black Nails, Blonde Hair, Grin, Male, Nail Polish, Tattoo
Knife, Viral, Blonde Hair, Short Hair, Grin, Sharp Teeth, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Square Enix, Gloves, Yana Toboso, Claude Faustus, Alois Trancy, Black Thigh Highs, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Boots, Bow Tie, Bows (Fashion), Demon, Duo, Glasses, Gold Eyes, Grin, Jewelry, Male, Ring, Short Hair, Spider Web, Suit, Thigh Highs, Tie, Two Males, Kuroshitsuji
Axis Powers: Hetalia, Happy, Himaruya Hidekazu, Smile, Spain, Casual, Closed Eyes, South Italy, Ahoge, Duo, Grin, Hug, Male, Short Hair, Shounen Ai, Two Males, Yaoi, Mediterranean Countries
Ichimaru Gin, White hair, Short Hair, Grin, Bleach