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Girls With Guns, Armband, White hair, Long Hair, unknown, Weapons, Dark, Crossover, Cross Necklace, Scars, Yellow Eyes
Avatar: The Legend Of Korra, Korra, Ninjatic, Armband, Ponytail, Long Hair, White Eyes, Black Hair
Armband, Bare Shoulders, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Dress, Female, Long Hair, Solo, Tiara
Armband, Armor, Bare Shoulders, Blonde Hair, Bracelet, Cape, Couple, Dress, Closed Eyes, Female, Grey Hair, Hug, Long Hair, Male, Short Hair, Tears, Warrior Of Light
Armband, Bare Shoulders, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Bracelet, Dress, Earrings, Female, Jewelry, Long Hair, Solo, Tiara
Akiyama Shinichi, Uzuragushi, Wings, Fanart, Solo, Tattoo, Pixiv, Liar Game, Pink Hair, Armband, Faux Wings, Ring, Chain, Cross Necklace, Gold Eyes, Male, Shirtless (male), Cigarette, Cross, Face Up, Jewelry, Mouth Hold, Necklace, Short Hair, Smoking
Female Protagonist (Perso..., School Uniform, Headphones, Mp3 Player, Weapons, Ponytail, Fanart, Hair Clip, Red Eyes, Red Hair, Solo, Uniform, Armband, Female, Brown Hair, Evoker, Gun
Kagamine Rin, Vocaloid, Yunomi, Wings, Ribbon, Short Hair, Simple Background, Solo, White Outfit, CD (Source), Scan, Alternate Outfit, Armband, Beads, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Bows (Fashion), Earmuffs, Female, Hair Bow, Jewelry, Necklace, Open Mouth, Pink Background
Avatar: The Legend Of Korra, Korra, Yuumei, Armband, Blue Eyes, Blue Flame, Dark Skin, Female, Fire, Ponytail, Solo, Deviantart.com