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Gilbert Nightray, Smoke, Yellow Eyes, White Gloves, White Shirt
Female, White hair, Purple Eye, Spaced Out, White Robe
Guys, Flowers, Yaoi, Green Eyes
Mysterious, Girl, Bird, Butterfly
Girls, Red Hair, Purple Hair, Ponytail
Evil Smile, Red Rose Petal, Green Eyes, Red Eyes, Black Outfit, Dress
Couple, Red Hair, Short Hair, Kiss, Hug, LOVE
Guys, Halloween, Moon, Pumpkin, Ghosts, Black Outfit
Smile, Shizuo Heiwajima, Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes, Hug, Durarara!!
Izaya Orihara, School Uniform, Chain, Anri Sonohara, Black Outfit, Evil Smile, Glasses, Red Eyes, Durarara!!
Female, Red Hair, Short Hair, Sad, Red Eyes, Red Flower Petals, Tears
Rain, Rain, Female, Black Dress, Purple Umbrella, Sunshine, Clouds, Sky, Water
Music, Neko Ears, Blonde Hair, Short Hair, White hair, Green Eyes, Red Eyes, Violin, Notes, Cards, Play
Moon, Duo, Black Outfit, Blonde Hair, Purple Dress, Sad, Magic
Closed Eyes, Laying, Sword, Female, Nature, Sleep
Kraft Lawrence, Smile, Holo, Neko Ears, Yawn, Laugh, Gray Hair, Brown Eyes, Bed, Spice and Wolf
Female, Blue Hair, Cry, Black Dress, Cross, Graveyard
Rain, Rain, Brothers, Green Eyes, Blonde Hair, Short Hair, Cry, Hug
Female, Green Eyes, Sad, Purple Hair, Headphones, Cry, Bra, Nature, Music
Female, Gray Hair, Black Eyes, Dark Magic
Couple, Brown Eyes, Blue Hair, Blue Eyes, Underwater, Kiss, Hug
Gloves, Male, Blonde Hair, Short Hair, Sad, Cry
Female, Curly Hair, Autumn Leaves, Brown Eyes, Blank Expression
Smile, Blue Jeans, Wings, Male, Red Paint, White Shirt, Board
Male, Laying, Purple Hair, Sad, About To Cry, Black Tie, White Shirt, Clock, Snow, Winter
Duo, White hair, Red Eyes, Black Ahir, Mask
Couple, Blonde Hair, Short Hair
Chihiro Shindou, School Uniform, Female, Purple Hair, Short Hair, Birds, Clouds, Sky, Reach To The Sky, Ef - A Fairy Tale Of The Two
Female, Gun, Blank Expression
Blue Jeans, Yaoi, L, Bite, Short Hair, Black Eyes, White Shirt, Death Note
Closed Eyes, Boy, Neko Ears, Blush, Sleep, Tail
Guy, Red Eyes, Blank Expression, Black Ahir, Short Hair, Black Outfit
Smile, Closed Eyes, Guy, Girl, Red Hair, White hair, Deep Look, Tears, Pink Petals, Sunshine, Duo
Vocaloid, Down On Knees, Yellow hair, Empty Eyes, Sad, White Flower, Clouds, Sky
Female, Duo, Magic Wand, Butterflies, Brown Dress, Black Dress, White hair, Short Hair, Red Rose Petals, Blue Eyes, Red Sky
Wings, Guy, Angel, Halo, Sad
Vocaloid, Guy, Blonde Hair, Piano, Short Hair
Family, Halo
City, Giant, Sun, Clouds, Sky, Girl, Red Hair, Short Hair, Cry
Family, Purple Hair, Warm Smile, Brown Eyes, Short Hair, Cry, Frown
Down On Knees, Male, White hair, Short Hair, Blue Eyes, Cry, White Torso, Black Pants
Brothers, Red Hair, Short Hair, Hug From Behind, Blue Shirt, Orange Shirt, White Shorts, Blue Shorts, Black Socks, Duo
Scar, Smile, D.Gray-man, Allen Walker, Guy, White hair, Blue Eyes, Claws, Feathers
Guy, Emo, Chess
Panties, Female, Sunset, Sunshine, Bra, Gun, Sad, Blonde Hair
Happy, Duo, Girl, Guy, Princess, Prince, Bird, Blue Dress, Crown, Plushie Rabbit, Tree, Night, Day, Sad
Guy, Glasses, Curly Hair, Short Hair, Red Eyes, Thinking, Little People, Magic, Sky, Clouds, Birds
Closed Eyes, Female, Short Hair, Sleep, Pink Skirt, Sunshine
Smile, Female, Blonde Hair, Claws, Black Gloves, Red Eyes
Female, Sit, Lick Finger, Green Eyes, Innocent, Brown Dress, Brown Socks, Cake, Strawberry
Guys, Green Hair, Blonde Hair, Orange Hair, Blue Hair, Glasses, Black Tie, Straw Hat, Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Tony Tony Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, Brook, One Piece
Couple, Tree, Birds, Clouds, Swing, Girl, Boy