Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid, Kaito
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[-]Ishimaru6 years ago

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That's me in a couple years, when I start roaming the world. That beautiful lady you see in the picture would just be someone who got stranded in a forsaken island due to an unfortunate series of events. But to her luck (or demise) she bumped into me. As soon as I heard her story I vowed to get her back home safe and sound. But not all would be that easy, because most of her memories were gone. She even barely remembered her cultural conditioning that it was not acceptable for me to touch her in those places, so she slapped me. Good for her. And so that was how our journey around the world began, looking for clues as to who she is and where she comes from. Eventually, we find out most of it and even locate her old home, where we disguise ourselves and approach her family as two traveling tourists to collect information. We find out that her having been gone for so long they had already held her funeral years ago and considered her gone. They treat us with utmost courtesy and even let us spend the night to rest. The next morning I decide it's time for me to move on. I had fulfilled my vow and returned her home safely. As I say my goodbyes to her family and eventually to her, I feel my heart breaking in half as tho I've lost something I could never replace. However, as I'm walking away about a mile off her home, she catches up with me with tears in her eyes and tells me that she won't be staying here, nor will she be telling her family that she is their lost daughter. Instead, she tells me that she found her home the moment she bumped into me, all those years ago, on that forsaken island.
[-]AvalonReject6 years ago

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In a nutshell this aberrant slime is a die hard 'IMOUTOFIER'. And this poor girl was manipulated to believe that her true family is with Nee-chan, or Nee-Nee.
Truthfully this vermin is happy to be called anything as long as it adds to his assembly of Imoutos.
I would call the police and tell them a pedophile is on the loose, however I fear for the poor female officer's life. For I can not damn them to the eternal servitude of Ishi-nee.