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New Quote Submission Guidelines

11 months ago
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So you want to have a quote you thought was inspirational put into our the Less-Real database? Here are the main requirements and recommendations you should do when submitting quotes to our database:

1. Character Name

What is the name of the character who said the quote?

2. Anime or Manga Name

What is the name of the anime or manga from which the character said the quote?

3. Quote

What is the quote?

4. Episode or Chapter

What is the episode of the anime or chapter number of the manga?

5. Episode Time Stamp or Chapter Page Number

What is the time stamp(s) of the episode or page number of the chapter?

Quote Approval Guidelines

"Why was my quote rejected?" Here are some guidelines to follow so you might have your quote you submitted accepted into our database:

1. Meaning

A good quote will give inspiration or deliver insight to someone. A good quote might inform someone. A good quote may motivate someone. A good quote has meaningful value.

2. Catchphrase

A new addition to quote approval guidelines. Character has a famous and poppy catchphrase? It's a quote!

3. No Duplicates

If the quote you submitted already exists in our database, it will be rejected. Please check to see if the quote you are submitting exists before submitting it for us to review.

If you have any questions on quote submission and approval, let us know on this forum post below!
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3 months ago
Joined: Jul 2019
Posts: 48

We will not be doing any more video game quotes. Sorry for all the hard work you guys have put in for those :(

We were experimenting and decided it was not best for the website. Thank you to all who have been supporting us <3
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