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I've been curious what LR turns out

2 years ago
Joined: Oct 2016
Posts: 92
This place is so nostalgic woooh! I like it xD
I made some friends here back then, I kinda miss them. I don't really talk to random people back then IRL or even online but, there are kind people here that didn't hesitate to leave a message in my profile even im just a total random stranger, litle things but a precious one to me.

So it turns out that the some people that i knew here stop posting already or stop visiting LR, same as myself. I've been refreshing who is online for nearly an hour but it seems that everyone is dead(not literally! >w< hope y'all doing just fine). amd yea, so it turns out that the site is dead. or maybe you guys have discord OwO. I got few ideas of restoring the site but I can't help because I'm going to be a Primary Teacher this upcoming January.

I wish you a goodluck adminstachi if you are planning to. and I hope you're all doing fine.

bye bye ja~ne!
2 years ago
Joined: Sep 2013
Posts: 2
I think the thing that killed this site for everyone was when they shut it down for a short while. I was pretty disappointed and Im sure a lot of others were too. I assume everyone just thinks the site is gone, since it became just a facebook page for a while. Im happy to see the site back, but most people probably dont know its back up

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