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I Love You!!!

8 years ago
Joined: Jun 2013
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rukia: hey".
ichigo: hey long time no see rukia ".
rukia: did you miss me "
ichigo: no"
rukia: hey!!! that's kinda hurt you know"
ichigo: i did,nt miss you"(But inside my body i really really miss you)
rukia: i can read your mind you just say that you really really miss me m'i right"
ichigo: huuhh we'll"
rukia: we'll Ichigo Kurosaki "
ichigo: Yeah right"
rukia: that's it"
ichigo: what"
rukia: hmp!! Forget it"
ichigo: huuuhh what's with the hmp"
rukia: nuthin and why are you asking for that, it's just a simple word "
ichigo: we'll
rukia: ...
ichigo: where ur going to live
rukia: you know at ur house
ichigo: not again
To Be Continued
Chapter 2
8 years ago
Joined: Jun 2013
Posts: 2
rukia: what's the matter !!
ichigo: i will not sleep very well again!
rukia: huuhh!!! why???
ichigo: ofcourse the hollows will attacked us again and then my house will be broken again!
rukia: so just do you want to say is you don't want me to live in your house right!
ichigo: what!!!! no!!
rukia: just say the truth i will understand you
ichigo: that's not what i want to say to you !!
rukia: well then good bye!!!
ichigo: ahhh ! RUKIA COME BACK HERE!!!!
rukia: hi everyone!!
keigo: ahh kuchki san you look very beautiful
rukia: thank you keigo!!
ichigo: where did you sleep last night???
rukia: why do you want to know about it???
ichigo: DAMN IT!!!
rukia: hmp!!!
inoue: rukia i miss you!!
rukia: thank you inoue
inoue: i bake you some cookies
rukia: ahh arikato inoue
*Rukia bites in the cooky*
rukia: taste like a expired cooky!!
ichigo: where did you sleep last night huh rukia??
rukia: i told you why do you want to know
ichigo: just answer me
rukia: and i don't want to answer you what are you gonna do to me!!
ichigo: just answer me plsssss
rukia: at uruhara's house that's all
to be continued
in Chapetr 3
8 years ago
Joined: Oct 2013
Posts: 29
Rawr...? .3.

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