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Koe no Katachi (Movie)

5 years ago
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Have you watched Koe no Katachi already?
How do you feel about it?

Link? ↓
KissAnime 9anime
5 years ago
Joined: May 2017
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This movie is very unique: the way it shows someone's path towards redemption is not something that you see often. It shows how hard it is to accept the wrongdoings of your past and be forgiven. The movie also depicted how someone with a disability can struggle socially and can be affected both physically and emotionally, unveiling the sometimes harsh reality of the treatment of our society towards the minorities. A truly great masterpiece.

The character designs and art were outstanding (reminds me a bit of Makoto Shinkai's art, especially the motion of water). The creative use of sound and music was also memorable. All emotions were incited during the movie: from sad and angry to happy and funny. The only disappointing part was the side character developments, which was a bit vague. An example would be when Mashiba tried to become Ishida's friend. But I have to admit, a two-hour movie can't cover every single character in detail...
5 years ago
The Mad Philosopher
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Hm... I'll give it a shot, sounds quite interesting.

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