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Cultural Appropriation

5 years ago
The Underdog
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So, what do you guys think of it? (I'm white, so my opinion might be null out the gate, considering we're the only ones who get attacked in bulk for this.) Personally, I don't really think cultural appropriation is all that bad. I remember somebody once said that the greatest form of admiration was imitation, so shouldn't people be flattered that others want to take part in their culture? Nah, I'm joking. That argument is so weak, it's almost sad. Seriously though, it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Honestly, as long as someone is actually trying with the certain aspect of the culture, and not just using it ironically or as a fad, then I'd be fine with it. I mean, we don't get too many people trying to "appropriate" Norse culture (in America, at least), but if they did, I'd school them if they were genuinely interested. If not, I'd school them anyway, but I'd be a lot less nicely. I just wanna know your guys' thoughts. Let's have an intelligent and productive discussion, shall we?
4 years ago
Sensitive Crevice Lord
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I remember watching an interviewer who was talking to a singer, and she was trying to learn Japanese and about Japanese culture. She wanted to communicate with her Japanese fans and understand them better. It was on Youtube, and ofc there were plenty of comments calling the girl a try hard and making fun of her for even trying to learn. It was just petty and ridiculous. I think it's good thing when people try to learn more and accustomate themselves with other languages/cultures. Even if they look ridiculous, at least they're trying. Knowledge is power, and I support it when people make an attempt to be less ignorant. Honestly, I believe culture appreciation is important. I also think it's pretty flattering to other countries when we try to learn more about them, and vice versa. Trying to understand others instead of ignoring them is always a good thing...even if they may make no sense to us. The world could use some understanding. People usually act the way they do because of their culture and how they were raised. So it's nice when others try to see that. Blaaah well that was my two cents.
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