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Strike the Blood II

3 years ago
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So, Strike the Blood II, eh? It's pretty dang amazing! Idk how long it's been out for... (probably a while, since the first anime came out in 2012, iirc) but it popped up in my YouTube feed a few weeks ago, and it's definitely the sequel my beloved StB deserves. That said, I've only seen up to episode five. Given how it ended, something tells me this isn't just a short af mini series. What with Nagisa having gotten kidnapped, and Kojou FINALLY being granted the "privilege" of going off to mainland Japan to save her just as the episode is ending. There's gotta be more somewhere, and it couldn't have just come out this year. I've seen some talk of it on the StB wikia (never went too far into detail for spoiler reasons) for a few years now, but because this is the first time I'm seeing it on YouTube, I'm gonna go ahead and assume that the English subbed anime was released fairly recently. If there are more english translated episodes beyond the fifth one, would anyone please, please, please let me know and where to find them? I'd be in your debt. If you want to check the first five out, the channel I found the episodes on is "the anime girl", with Asuna as her profile picture (might be a different girl that resembles Asuna, not entirely sure, so if you guys do decide to check it out, please don't jump don't my throat if I'm wrong), or you could just take the easy way out and search "Strike the Blood 2". Because there are a few uploads labeled improperly, please do make sure it was "the anime girl" that uploaded them, so as to avoid any confusion. Also, don't watch in class, around friends who'd judge you, etc., because this anime DOES NOT CENSOR. So when you see a female with her top off, you see her breasts, nipples and all. So, watch out for that.
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2 years ago
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I've heard of that anime, but the nose bleeds are just way too graphical!

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