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netflix bound

3 years ago
Joined: May 2017
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okay, so i have strict parents that decide whether or not i can watch an anime. anything nr or ma is out of the question. i hav watched vampire night, kenshin,, silver spoon, fairytail, your lie in april, red data girl, inu yasha, expelled from paradise, kuromukuro, sword art online, durarara!! and naurto ( jst a fan note my hair is cut like hinatas!!)

so yeah... i need suggestions on watch to watch because i am confound to the boundary of the Netflix world!!
3 years ago
Sensitive Crevice Lord
Joined: Jul 2016
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Orange is the New Black, omg I'm so excited for this upcoming season! Also, Stranger Things is pretty great. There's Mr. Peabody and that Chelsea Handler crap if you're into that though ;8
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3 years ago
Wandering Ghost
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Have you tried anjin?

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