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New Year

5 years ago
NEET Detective
Joined: Sep 2016
Posts: 336
2017 is coming soon, tell me four thing about yourself this year and next year.
1. What did you accomplish this year?
2. What mistake did you do and what did you learn from it?
3. What things do you need to get rid off?
4. What's your new year resolution?

I will start off first...
1. I got my permit
2. I didn't do everything at my best so I want to do everything to my best
3. The things I don't need I want to get rid off.
4. To experiences more stuff

I' am really happy to listen to all of you.
5 years ago
Moe Moe Kyun
Joined: Jul 2015
Posts: 326
1. Nothing
2. To think that a year would lasts so long and what I learned was to never waste your time doing things you don't want to do. You have the liberty to do what you want, so choose wisely, don't follow me nor anyone's storyline.
3. Annoying people :D
4. None
5 years ago
Sensitive Crevice Lord
Joined: Jul 2016
Posts: 572
1. Life changing stuff happened and I was able to learn a lot from all the crappy situations this 2016.
2. I didn't give my all with opportunities where I should've. I also didn't follow up with the most important goals I had set for myself (my life would be way calmer if I had just followed through with them by now).
3. Negativity, judging and assuming things about anyone or anything. There's a lot more to everything than we allow ourselves to see sometimes.
5. Just to be positive and laugh about life, normal stuff...I would like to really finish every goal I've set for myself before I'm dead.

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