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Gods are bored.

5 years ago
Wandering Ghost
Joined: Aug 2014
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Do you ever wonder if being a god at all can be boring? I mean it really for me depends on the kind of god you are. If you are some god that controlled thoughts of his/her/its people during creation has got to be boring as soon as you realize -that people are just puppets to your will. You are aware of everything that people will say or do. I guess all actions are controlled by you. Damn you could give someone a million dollars and next day take away there family, but you did that. At all unless this your pleasure it may get boring. It may be that you do have that upper edge over people considering they are your people to start with, but you ever wonder if you get bored with them simply because you never worked for it. You create things and you know how they will become. So what if the gods have come down on what ever they created and make themselves forget all they had made and live like what they created to. Yet at the same time they created everything so they would know how it would happen, but for that long or short time the form the god assumes will not. What is your opinion of this?

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