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Less-Real Chat

6 years ago
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Hello, dear two to three users that will actually read this. Just wanted to announce that less-real now has an online chat and it desperately needs some people. If you're at all interested in real-time communication with other human beings, then come and join! Even if just to keep it open in one of your tabs, so that it appears more lively to the other people! WHICH IS NOT CHEATING. It's like your boss putting a vase of flowers in the office. Everybody wins. In fact, many recent scientific studies suggest that just by being in a virtual room with other people, your brain produces the same chemical that you get when you use heroine. It's true. (note that the term "scientific studies" is used very loosely in this context and is by no means meant to refer to actual scientific studies, but rather to personal opinions expressed by individuals on online forums containing no verifiable data). So come and receive your dosage today!

To join the chat, you must go through the link "Chat" found in the menu at the top.
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6 years ago
Otaku Philosopher
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In other words, get drunk by joining the chat!

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