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Favorite Action of a Character

4 years ago
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Hi, guys this is my first topic in this website. So to get things started of I want to know from you guys, what is your favorite action of a character?
doesn't have to be related to the persons life or must be important just a thing you find cool or has a deep meaning behind it. your choice :)

For Me, I find kaneki twisting his fingers(cracking his knuckles) when he was fighting his final fight with jason really cool. The reason because before
jason and kaneki fought, jason would always crack his fingers. what I think is he wanted to show a sign of superiority to kaneki. So when kaneki fought jason he also cracked
his finger which was his way of showing jason that he doesn't run the show anymore.

So What is a favorite action you like ?
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4 years ago
Evan Jelly On
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Gintama... Everyone and everything from Gintama... Like Hijikata's mayonese, Okita's bazooka, Gntoki's finger in nose... Everything

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